How to Apply for Summer Internships in Mechanical Engineering

How to Apply for Summer Internships in Mechanical Engineering

Want summer internships in Mechanical Engineering? Read this 'how to' blog and you will definitely succeed in bagging an awarding internship.


Career Possibilities when looking for internships in mechanical engineering.
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The freshly budding leaves on the trees around are brilliantly announcing the arrival of spring. And within no time, the summer heat will start getting on our nerves. But, how’s that relevant? Not summers and the scorching heat, but we will be discussing summer internships today, to be precise, summer internships in mechanical engineering.

Why Summer Internships?

Keen to capitalise on the longest vacation of the year? For students in every field, the best way to do this is by applying for Summer internships. And why not? Contrary to short-span internships, where you have to consolidate your work and learning experience within a span of weeks, what you get here is time. Time to settle in a workspace, learn, and actually put your knowledge to work.

Summer internships are popular and almost every student wants to land up with an internship in a good company. Talking particularly of the engineering field, the number of students is massive. The competition in the internship market, thereof, is immense.

Summer Internships in Mechanical Engineering

Moving on to summer internships in Mechanical Engineering – if you have the required skills and take care of other minor things, including when and where to apply, how to write a resume, etc. you will definitely succeed in bagging an awarding internship.

We have done some of the homework for you and here’s a one-stop guide to help you apply for Summer Internships in 2018, if you are looking for mechanical engineering internships.

How to write your resume:

Not all companies conduct interviews for recruiting interns and therefore, the entire selection criteria is based on the resume submitted by you. Even if there are different tiers for the appointment, the resume decides whether you are shortlisted or not.

So, here are a few points you need to take care of while writing your intern resume:

Lucid Resume Format for interns:

Even though companies look forward to hire creative interns, they don’t appreciate overly creative resumes. You need to be smart with words but keep the format simple and lucid to the best possible extent.

Focus on Keywords for Intern resume:

As the job of sorting out resumes is increasingly outsourced to electronic mediums, the value of keywords amplifies. Look out for keywords similar to the ones advertised in the vacancies issued by the company or normally required for mechanical engineering internships.

Use these keywords in your resume to make it stand out among hundreds of applications.

Highlight your skills for Intern resume:

Believe it or not, your skills are more important for your recruiter than your academic scores. Even if you haven’t scored a perfect score in your semester exams, you can bag a great internship.

Focus on your skills and provide relevant work experience/hands-on training as proof.

Here’s an all-inclusive guide on How to Write an Irresistible Intern Resume to help you further with your resume. (Where to search for Internships & How to Apply)

There are various means of applying for an internship. If you are looking out to apply for quality internships you can consider the following:

Internship Portals:

It is not only the most popular means these days but also the one with most extensive options to apply for internships. Register on a reliable internship portal and directly search for internship vacancies in different companies all at one place.

Direct Applications:

You can make a list of companies which offer mechanical engineering internships and get in contact with their HR to know of various posts available for the upcoming summers. They will ask you to send in your resume or might call you for a walk-in interview as well.

College Placements

A lot of companies now visit engineering campuses to recruit interns for the summers. Keep a check on you notice board for any such opportunity and make sure to apply for these.

Mechanical Engineering is a broad field and you can apply for a variety of internships. But if you are specifically looking for core internships, you can read further to know How can you get an internship in a core company.

Contact your Faculty

Students apply for internships every year. Moreover, some of them land up in excellent as well as distinctive internships. You faculty in all probability is in the knowledge of these internships (through their previous batch of students).

Contact your faculty members for any such leads or how you can apply to the particular companies for an internship in a particular department or branch. Direct references from your professors can also work of you have a good track record of practical work in college.

Documents required for Summer Internships:

The following documents are required by mechanical engineering students to apply for summer internships:

Intern Resume:

As already mentioned, intern resume plays a vital role in getting you a meaningful internship. Follow all rules and prescribed format for writing your intern resume and make sure that it is impactful.

Cover Letter:

Many companies ask for a cover letter which is basically a letter of introduction. Note that it isn’t a personal letter so no emotional or sentimental words should be put in there. It is strictly a formal  letter and should be written accordingly. Also, attach a cover letter only when asked for.

Work Experience:

It is mostly college accolades which you need to attach as your experience. You can also attach your previous internship certificates here.

Reference Letters:

Companies frequently ask for reference letters to cross-check your character and skills. Reference letters make the most impact when the person isn’t directly related to you. Consider getting it from your college professors or previous employers.

Previous Mark Sheets:

As is obvious, it is to be attached in proof of your academic scores in the previous semesters/years.


Applying for summer internships isn’t rocket science but then again it isn’t that easy given everyone is in the race to get the best. It is to be noted particularly that when it comes to internships, it is not every time that ‘one shoe fits all’.

To be clear, what ways and experiences work for literature students might not work for you. You need to understand your career and work as a mechanical engineering. Understand the requirements of the recruiter and present yourself as the right candidate. That’s the ultimate gist of it!

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