How to get a Content Writing Internship?

How to get a Content Writing Internship?

Pen down the first draft of your life as a Writer with a Content Writing Internship. Peruse through the article to know more.


Your words are mightier than swords
Your words are mightier than swords

Language is one of the best gifts that evolution has ever given to us. The science of expressing one’s imaginations and feelings was what made Tolstoy, Shakespeare and the modern day Rowling the iconic luminaries of writing.

If your brain also fancies being celebrated the same way, apply for a Content Writing Internship as the first page of your novel! In this digital era, you can always work in niches like education, lifestyle, health, fashion, technology and what not! Or if you really fancy the corporate world, the e-business firms and MNCs are always offering jobs for professional write-ups and web pages.

Roles and Responsibilities

Writer's profile(ertunis)
Writer’s profile(ertunis)

A Content Writers brain works on an assemblage of technical, corporate communication, creative writing and marketing. Relying on the job role, a content writer will work on the company’s website, blogs, marketing communication (newsletters, press briefs and documents). Content writers also work on various social media platforms.

Other than possessing chunks of the Shakespearean soul (exceptional linguistic command; generally English), a holistic understanding of target audience, keywords and good search engine optimisation techniques is appreciated.

Hallmark of good Content Writers

Qualities of a writer (domain)
Qualities of a writer (domain)

According to the research data, following qualities are sought in a Content Writer:

  • High Command over the English Language
  • Detail-oriented approach
  • High on creativity: Create innovative and engaging content
  • Deliver on tight deadlines
  • Basic Analytical Skills
  • Basic reporting and knowledge of MS Office tools

How to find a Content Writing Internship?

To find the perfect Content Writing Internship, use the internet!

  • Use Internship portals like LetsIntern. Peruse through the internships that are offered on the portal.
  • You can also apply to magazines that pique your interests, newspapers, journals by sending your resume and samples of writing to the email address mentioned on the respective websites.
  • Submit your articles to websites like BuzzFeed, Ezine, ScoopWhoop which welcome guest submissions.
  • You can also intern for a writer, or opt for ghostwriting if that suits you. Remember, there are plenty options and opportunities. You just have to hit the bull’s eye!
  • Join Writing Clubs where people discuss their writings. Such clubs often have tie-ups with employers looking for freelancers.
  • Look for freelance opportunities.
  • Write every day so that you do not lose your flair. Begin writing your own blog– poetry, diary entry, whatever eases you and polishes your writing.

Remember, there are plenty options and opportunities. You just have to hit the bull’s eye!

Or if you really want to spare yourself the horror of browsing relentlessly through various internship portals, you can have a look at LetsIntern website and blogs on how to find a Content Writing Internship. 😉

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