How To Get A Mechanical Engineering Internship In A Core Company

How To Get A Mechanical Engineering Internship In A Core Company

After exposition on different kinds of internships for mechanical engineering students, we break into the next step - getting an internship in a core company.


This is how you can sync your mechanical engineering internship in a core company.
This is how you can sync your mechanical engineering internship in a core company.

For those of you pursuing a core engineering course, the upcoming season of summer internships would have left you with one query – how to get an internship in a core company. Getting one right now is important – not just for work experience, but also to add on to your course requirements – especially if you’re a student of mechanical engineering.

A flexible domain, mechanical engineering allows students to either remain true to their core origins – working as mechanical engineers, choosing an internship in a core company and later, placements in core companies – or take a divergent path.

In this blog, we address the former group. And talk to those who are looking for a mechanical engineering internship in a core company.

We will try to narrow down the ways from where you can start. So, let’s see how you can get an internship in a core company for mechanical engineering.

Where to find an Internship in a Core Company:

1. Through your own Campus:

Yes, that might sound like a very obvious suggestion but it’s actually not. Companies come to campus for hiring interns but many students do not even apply assuming that only high scorers will get through it.

As already mentioned, many students are looking for a change of stream through internships. So, if they aren’t taking these internships, you will have fewer competitors. Moreover, companies are more skill-oriented than scores. Therefore, always apply for campus internship opportunities as they are the best way to get into core internships.

2. Off-Campus:

There are two ways to apply off campus for core company internships:

1. Search on reliable search engines and portals where you can find big names offering mechanical engineering internships.

2. Make a list of the companies dealing in core mechanical engineering projects. Look out for contacts of HRs of these companies and get in touch with them. You can make a personal call or e-mail them asking for details or attach your intern resume.

How to get it an Internship in a core company?

1. Get hands-on experience:

Begin by gaining hands-on experience, right from the start. Work towards getting your internship from your first year.  This does not mean, however, that your jump directly towards the big companies. Big companies are very selective in terms of scores or prior experiences.

You could, however, get hands-on experience and training from small and medium-sized enterprises. This will make your resume stronger for applying in big companies for internships in the later years of your course.

2. Build your skill set:

Live every other internship, mechanical engineering interns also need to be proficient, when it comes to skills. Core engineering internships include practical work which the companies cannot trust with amateurs.

Therefore, search for what skills are required for the internship and start working on building them. Make sure that your resume highlights these skills.


As an engineering student, you must be well aware that even core jobs related to mechanical engineering can be of various types. It can be advanced engineering, manufacturing, research, etc. Even though you are interested in a particular one, you should know roughly about all as it is ultimately about the same work and more importantly the work is interrelated.

Moreover, you should know how the core job is important to the market and how it all comes into utility. All this is a part of the same picture and you can’t depend only on the outline!