How to get a PR internship

How to get a PR internship

A PR Internship is not what Samantha Jones did. Find out how you score one.


PR Internship
Public Relations: P to R (holmesreport)

Honestly, I thought Public Relations was all about fun tasks to do. Whatever whiff of information I had about PR, well, now it all seems corrupted (courtesy: Samantha Jones). But, as I stepped further to read about Public Relations and PR Internships, I realised PR is not about the star studded events, dining at the hottest (and newest) restaurants, or those blingy Page 3 parties.

Actually, there is no defined silhouette that can be drawn across the job of a Publicist. So, if you really want to wrap your head around this domain, drill this into your head and your bed’s headboard: ‘Get a PR Internship’.

Here is how you can score a PR Internship.

Join Clubs

Show up and enrol for the clubs, groups, societies your college has.If it doesn’t? Build your own! Put these enrollments to some good use; organise events and meetups. Once your foundation is firm, start venturing out for freelance opportunities. This will design a decent resume for your internship.


PR Internships
PR Internships (slentertainment)

Socialising is the perfect way to get your feet wet and set your foot in the door for the PR world. Go out, interact with people. Attend seminars; find your clientele. Gain experience while you socialise. You have to be a people’s person. So, practice being amicable to all.

Resume, CV, Portfolio

Every Internship has these three things as the foundation. For your PR Internship, tailor your resume with utmost perfection. Be as industry and domain specific as possible. Find your field of interest and customise your portfolio likewise.

Scribble, Jot Down, Write

PR Internships require excellent writing skills. Make sure your Communication skills are at par. To begin with, you may want to start a blog/journal. Start with penning down your thoughts and ideas.

Be Super Active On Social Media

A publicist needs their public. So, be super duper active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Campus Diaries and another plethora of meaningful networking websites. Make sure people know you and you know people. Connections and networks matter and offer a lot in this industry. So, knit a strong network

Do you?
Do you?

PR firms demand dynamic people with multitasking skills and those who can deliver excellent outputs in myriads of varying situations.

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