How to get a Summer Internship in JP Morgan?

How to get a Summer Internship in JP Morgan?

Do you want "JP Morgan" shining brilliantly on your Resume? Here is how you can have a Summer Internship in JP Morgon.


Summer Internship in 2017 at JP Morgan
An Internship at JP Morgan (livemint)

Internships are a great way to start your career…yada yada! We are all familiar with the concept of Summer Internships. Let’s just get to the bullet point; JP Morgan. Let us guide you on your way to a Summer Internship in JP Morgon.

With a Glassdoor rating of 4/5 according to the interns and 3/5 for Interview Difficulty, let us explore the 3 Internship programs which are currently available for you to acquire benefits from their global reach.

1. Technology Analyst Internship

Hop on to the chance of getting trained under the mentorship of prodigal innovators who develop applications that help JP Morgan’s clientele a smooth banking experience.

Duration: 10 weeks


  • JP Morgan expects the selected candidates to work in agile teams to create innovative software solutions or help engineers and maintain its complex technology infrastructure. You’ll also engage in a development program.
  • The internship begins with a one-day orientation. On completing the orientation, you’ll get technical skills and professional development training while also working on live projects.

The Prerequisites:

  • Excellent coding
  • Maintaining amicable Client relationship
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Intellectually curious
  • Collaborative
  • Eager to take on new challenges
  • Ready to take ownership of the work
  • An indigenous problem solver

2. Markets Analyst Internship

Summer Internship in 2017 at JP Morgan
Summer Internship in 2017 at JP Morgan

Take a deep dive into the Marketing strategies and lessons JP Morgan professes. You can gain insights into tools like equities, credit, foreign exchange, commodities and emerging markets.

Duration: Summer Break


  • Earn experience while you are given opportunities to propose trade ideas and conduct research in a specific sector team. You will learn about the solutions, products and insights offered to clients.
  • You will regularly attend meetings, give presentations and be evaluated for your market thoughts as part of the team. During your internship, you’ll also have access to mentors and our ongoing speaker series and you will take part in regular trading simulations.

The Prerequisites:

  • Exceptional capacity for problem-solving
  • Quick thinking and Execution
  • Excellent Communication
  • Analytical and Collaborative Skills
  • Curious with sound judgment
  • Proactivity and Team Orientation

3. Investment Banking Analyst Internship

Learn how finances and global economy affects the entire world. The Investment Banking Analyst Internship at JP Morgan will teach you how to provide people with ideas to run their financial needs.

Duration: Nine weeks


  • In the first week of the program, you will receive in-depth practical skills training.
  • During this internship you will engage in major deals and transactions, by completing financial analysis and models, conducting research, and helping with pitches.

The Prerequisites:

  • Exceptional Problem solving
  • Organisation and Communications Skills
  • Capacity to learn quickly and execute accurately
  • Comprehensive knowledge of global markets.

How to Apply?

JP Morgan recruits interns via applications. Draft your internship application to portray your keen interest in the role you want to score. Aspirants can submit applications for a maximum of 3 programs. Tailor your essays, resume and CV brilliant enough to compete with other aspirants and eventually stand out to get in! To churn all the details about JP Morgan internship applications, click here.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be called for an Interview. Prepare well for your interview. Interview rounds may vary according to the program. To know the details, click here.

So, this is how you can score an internship at JP Morgon. Their advice: “Be a sponge“. Well, try your effort at this fabulous company and let us know your views in the comments.

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