How to get a Summer Internship in KPMG?

How to get a Summer Internship in KPMG?

With summer approaching, interns can look forward to giving their career a boost with a summer internship in 2017 - here's the dope on one with KPMG.


Summer Internship in 2017
Summer Internship in 2017 at KPMG (Source:

A Summer Internship in 2018 can ensure the nudge that your future career needs, especially at an MNC organisation like KPMG.  KPMG is one the Big Four auditors which provide its customers services in financial audit, advisory and taxes. Let’s guide you to apply for a Summer Internship in KPMG.

What is their Summer Internships about?

Summer Internship in 2017
Learn the tactics of financial audit at KPMG (Source:

Scoring a summer internship in KPMG is a matchless way to absorb business skills, partner with a mentor, build your network, and get real-world (even intercontinental) experience before graduation. Plus, an internship can often lead to a full-time job! Internships are a great way for aspirants to connect with the limitless opportunities at KPMG.

You’ll spend half of the summer working in the Audit practice and the other half in a non-audit function, such as Tax, Advisory, KPMG Enterprise or Shared Services.

What’s in it for you?

Following are the benefits of this Summer Internship Program which lasts for 10 weeks:

Learning & Development: You will be teamed up with a performance manager to help ensure you are well supported.

Community Leadership: You’ll have the golden chance to experience their Community Leadership strategy firsthand during your internship with plenty of volunteer opportunities.

National Summer Intern Training: You’ll initiate your internship with a training week designed to teach you the audit fundamentals along with orienting you to the firm.

Global Internship Program: An opportunity for students who have already accepted an internship offer with KPMG, to experience a four-week rotation abroad at an international KPMG member firm. This demands for an additional application.

How to enrol?

Summer Internship in 2017
Enjoy your Summer Internship in 2017 at KPMG (Source:

KPMG hires suitable candidates via campus recruitment. Students shall check with their college recruitment cell. In case you seem to be desirable enough, you can apply directly to their online portal. The selection process would be a combination of written tests, phone or in-person technical and personal discussion

Online Application 

Interested students from esteemed campuses are invited to apply online. An ideal candidate aspiring for an internship opportunity must possess the right mix of academic achievements and co-curricular excellence.

Mailing the HR executive:

Find a previous/current KPMG employee/intern and ask her to provide you with the HR’s email address. Mail the HR directly clearly stating your purpose, with a strong cover letter and resume.

College Placement Cell

If your college is registered with KPMG, it is easy for you to acquire a Summer Internship in KPMG. Make sure to check with your placement department.

KPMG also assigns Campus Ambassadors. If you think you have it you, apply!

The aftermath- be patient and wait for it.

After being shortlisted based on the CGPAs, skills and experience on campus. After you apply, all you can do is wait and hope for the best. You should also know the tips to add references on your resume

Ensure not to let even a small success go unnoticed and uncelebrated, apply to this fabulous opportunity this summer!

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