How to get an Internship in Intel India

How to get an Internship in Intel India

Looking for an Internship in Intel India? The opportunities run across the year and the welcome company culture may make you continue on and on.


Trending Internships in Intel India - how to get one.
Trending Internships in Intel India – how to get one.

Believe that all you need is a chance to shine? Then maybe the blue-chip among blue chips is just the way you need to be. Intel Corporation (which still proudly considers itself a semiconductor corporation) can be your new home-away-from-home. Internships in Intel India run across the year and the welcome company culture may make you continue on and on.

Life at Intel India:

The company stands committed to bringing devices to everyone across the world. So, the teams doing this are expected to be bold and curious; inventors and problem solvers – ready to hold the world in wonder.

On a serious note, the company talks of community-minded practices, ethics and green practices alike. They also welcome diversity and are awarded as the most open-minded employers (be it for LGBT, diversity, differently-abled employees). On a company release, Intel says, “People at our company bring their true selves to work, and are appreciated not only for what they do, but for who they are.”

Why should you work in Intel India?

Intel India offers global opportunities which can easily match your work and life aspirations seamlessly. The HR works to provide the best fit of benefits, compensation, flexible work options and sometimes, even sabbaticals.

For interns, even opportunities to appear before the panel are beneficial – best interview experiences are one of the crowns that Glassdoor confirmed on the company in 2015.

A hot Internship provider, Intel India offers opportunities within engineering, business and management groups. All Internships in Intel India are paid internships – though that’s the least of it. The company boasts of immense learning opportunities with access to professional and personal development courses for all who opt for them.  There are also networking opportunities.

How to apply for Internships in Intel India:

Intel India encourages all hopeful interns to keep an eye on their internship program pages and apply early (and in some cases, even in advance).

The internship program is open for all eligible students who have not graduated and are enrolled with a bachelors, specialist, masters or PHD degree from a recognised institution or university. The company is careful to point that an application does not automatically become an internship, neither an internship a job.

These are the steps that happen when you apply for an Internship in Intel India:

  1. Apply against open positions on the Intern page.
  2. Intel interview panel reviews applications and shortlists interns.
  3. Applicants are further screened for communication, interpersonal and job-related technical skills
  4. Internships begin in June, so interviews are largely in swing through March.

A few past Intel India interns claim that the organisation prefers post-graduates for electronics related work, specifically a stream related to micro-electronics / VLSI and have a strong focus towards circuit design and static timing. The organisation does not comment on the same.

Current Internships in Intel India:

The current set of Intel Internships in India are based in Bangalore. Here is the list:

Position ID Internship
JR0013305 Big Core Technical Intern
JR0013285 PRM Intern
JR0012996 Intern
JR0009214 Platform Validation Intern
JR0010946 Undergrad intern Non technical
JR0008565 Intern
JR0008036 Intern
JR0006960 Intern Engineer
JR0010992 Internship
JR0010435 HW Intern
JR0010040 Platform Validation Intern
JR0008014 Intern
JR0007787 Intern – IT Support Specialist
JR0008602 Under Graduate Intern Technical
JR0008227 Graphics Software Internship
JR0006743 Intern Engineer
JR0005938 System Programmer-Internship
JR0002094 Systems Programmer-Intern
JR0008017 Treasury Intern
JR0007339 Interns – CSC Security Operations
JR0007338 Interns – Information Security Engineering
JR0001514 Intern – Open Source Technology Centre OTC
JR0001332 Business HR Intern – Asia Pacific & Japan
JR0001301 Intern – Talent Acquisition






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