How To Make The Best Of Your Time In A Short Term...

How To Make The Best Of Your Time In A Short Term Internship


short term internship


A short term internship means an internship whose term is limited to anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. Most traditional summer internships are at least three months or more, even stretching on to a year depending on the work offered in the internship.

Students choose to go for a short term internship because –

  • The holiday window is small, and it’s not possible to pursue a more extended internship
  • Ability to pursue multiple short term internships within a longer holiday window
  • The company has short projects that are ideal only for short term internship

Whatever your reasons for choosing a short term internship might be, don’t let it stop you from making the most of it.

Many times, students take a week or so just to settle in a new internship, but these short college internships might not give you that flexibility and freedom.

So, here are a few internship tips for you to make the most of the short term internship –

  1. Set a meeting with your mentor

Your mentor or manager is going to be crucial in your effort on making your short term internship a productive period.

In an internship like this, each day is going to be important, and you have to make sure that you set up a meeting with the mentor on the first day itself to let them about what they expect from you during the internship and how it aligns with your goals.

This expectation setting is essential for both parties, as it will let them know the time constraint and also let them know you are ready to take on the challenge.


  1. Focus only on the internship, nothing else

A short term internship is a limited window of opportunity. If you don’t make the best of it nothing will happen, but if you are successful at it, a lot of amazing things will spring out of it.

Ensure you only have the internship to worry about, forget about extra-curricular activities and any other distractions. You don’t have any time to waste; you need to focus on the project and ensure you meet all your goals. Use productivity apps, maintain a journal, go off social media, do whatever you need, it’s only going to be a short time so might as well do it!


  1. Spend all your time at the office

Of course, not all college internships are office-based but if you have an office then stay at the office and work. It will help you understand the office culture and get involved in the work process fully. You can join in any part of the work and take help from your mentor or whoever is in charge.

You have only a limited time in your short term internship to completely understand how the company works, the kind of industry it functions in and the other projects and departments in the company.

All this information will be useful to you when you are making future career decisions.


  1. Get to know the work team

In a traditional internship, you will have a lot of time to warm up to people and network. However, in a short term internship, you need to do all this quickly.

If you are an introvert that’s tough luck because you need to be forthcoming and introduce yourself to a lot of people. These people will come handy not just in learning about the business and work, but also in putting in a good word about you.

Even a short term internship, like other college internships, can be converted to a full-time job, make sure the team is on your side!


  1. Get your letter of recommendation and certificate

A short term internship doesn’t allow you to waste any time. You need to make a checklist of all the things you need from the internship and tick them off.

It will get tough to get a certificate or letter of recommendation from your peers and mentor once you return to college. Make sure you get all the documents you need while you are at the internship.



It might seem that you are running against the clock with all these internship tips, however, remember the best thing about this; you can impress the company within a much shorter time than expected! You don’t have to slog for two or three months to make and sustain that impression. You can create an impression, work hard at it and get out successfully without being in a position to spoil it over time!

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