How To Make Your First Day At Internship Memorable

How To Make Your First Day At Internship Memorable


first day at internship

The first day at internship is a special day; it is the first day of becoming a part of the workforce and working in a professional atmosphere. It can also be scary, and it’s okay if you are uncertain about what to do and how to behave.

Internship learning starts from day one, and you need to be prepared to make the best of your internship. To make things easy for you on your first day at internship we have listed out a few internship tips that will prove helpful.

  • Get there early – Imagine walking in a busy office where you don’t know anyone! Can be intimidating right? You can avoid this situation by getting in at least ten minutes early to the office. You need to find out the timings and the address of the office and plan your travel. Get there early on your first day at internship and get yourself familiarised with the office layout and wait for your mentor to come in.

  • Dress to impress – One of the most important internship tips that you can follow on the first day at internship is to dress well for the job. You will be meeting everyone for the first time, and everyone will be assessing you and forming their opinions. You will want to appear as a confident professional and a capable young person. Pick out office casuals that make you look neat and professional.

  • Be prepared with tools – Don’t walk into your first day at internship with empty hands! You may have done that at the college where you just winged it, but an office is different. Carry a notebook and some pens in a bag; this is to jot down notes. Even if you are carrying a laptop, it can be cumbersome, and you won’t have enough time to open your laptop and take notes. You always should have a notebook handy to write down everything your mentor is telling you.

  • Figure out your introduction message – The major among internship goals is to convert the internship into a full-time job eventually. And you can start the journey to that job right away from the first day at internship. Everyone you meet will ask you who you are, so be prepared with an elevator pitch which quickly states in 30-45 seconds who you are, which department you are working in and what your professional passion is and how you like the work the company is doing. It will impress the other person and make you stand out from your peers.

  • Learn the names and places – The first day at internship is all about soaking in the information. Try to remember the names of the people concerned, write down their name in your notebook with their designation after they leave. Don’t refer to people by what they are wearing or how they look! It’s completely unprofessional, at least remember their departments. Also, get a sense of the office area and who sits where and where the conference room/canteen etc. is, this way you won’t get lost the second day!

  • Be polite and socialize – One of the major internship learning you will get is the art of networking. You will be meeting a lot of people during your internship period, and these connections will come handy later. Ensure you are positive, greet people and socialize with them on the first day at the internship. You may not have long meaningful conversations, but just a Hello or Hi at the cafeteria during lunch or at the coffee machine on the floor can lead to the seniors speaking to you.

  • Ask what work is to be done – Many large companies have a complete agenda set out for the first day at the internship. Of course in such a case, you know what’s to be done but if you are working in a small company one of the first things you should do is speak to your mentor/manager and ask questions about what’s expected to be done and what projects/work you can participate in. Talk about your internship goals and what you are expecting from the internship, so the mentor knows on the first day itself what you are looking for!

Most importantly, be alert and don’t get distracted on the first day at internship. Don’t spend too much time on your phone and be present in the moment.

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