How to score a Summer Internship in Dell?

How to score a Summer Internship in Dell?

Keen on a Summer Internship in Dell? This multinational computer technology company offers amazing perks and with a credible twinkle to your resume!


Summer Internship in 2017
Jump start your career with Dell’s Jump Start Development Program (locanto)
Let us guide you through the procedure of applying for a Summer Internship in Dell. Their internship program is a laudable program all across the globe. Read on to know more.

Dell has a variety of opportunities available for graduate students and MBAs that round out academic studies with real-world experience. Let’s explore about their internship and development programs offered, to polish your professional skills and begin your career by joining a team that enlivens new ideas.

What do Dell’s Internships offer?

Summer Internship in 2017
Summer Internship in 2017 at Dell (thegeeksclub)

Dell promises a sturdy commitment to guide and develop young professionals. Their endeavour-Jump Start Graduate Development Program is designed to help recent graduates integrate easily into the Dell culture and work environment. Interns learn to sync resources to with Dell’s Culture Code, establish relationships, build a professional network and develop a career plan. They will be given the opportunities to connect and network with team members and leaders who will encourage them to start mapping their career in Dell.

With Jump Start Graduate Development Program recent graduate hires will:

  • Align to Dell Culture Code.
  • Define and build relationships with leaders and peers.
  • Determine strengths and position their brand.
  • Create a network of support for work and career.

Highlights of the program: They offer Internships in more than 1 sector!

Engineering & Computer Science Internship

Who: Undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students with select engineering degrees
Where: Global
Time commitment: Ten to twelve weeks over summer

As a Dell  intern engineer, you will have the opportunity to work in one of the following areas:

  • Product Development: mechanical and electrical engineering development, Dell technology and innovation strategy creation, software solutions development, and test validation.
  • Manufacturing Engineering: quality engineering, hardware engineering, manufacturing engineering, process engineering, and test engineering.
  • MIS: software development, business systems analysis, and technical analysis.
  • Customer Services: engineering technical support and services
  • Ecommerce website: software development engineering and user experience engineering.
  • Enterprise Software Development: network security, cloud computing, info management, big data, system management, software development
  • R&D: Research & Development for next-generation advanced technology and Dell products, mobility, data centre, the internet and much more!
  • Security: cyber security, fraud intelligence, authentication, encryption, cyber crime
  • Cloud Development: migration strategies, cloud platform deployment, enterprise application management and advanced data centre technologies
  • Data Analytics: intelligence-driven security analytics, data analysis, algorithmic development and statistics
Summer Internship in 2017
Apply for various lucrative internships at Dell. (startlr)

Global Sales & Business Operations Internship

Who: MBA candidates and undergraduates from selected universities
Where: The United States and India
Time commitment: Ten to twelve weeks over the summer

The Global Sales and Business Operations Internship is a 10 to 12-week summer program providing insight into the behind-the-scenes projects that support positive customer engagement and an optimised end-to-end order experience. Participating departments may include Global Sales Planning & Analysis, Americas Sales Finance & Operations, Data Analytics, Inside Sales Operations, Pricing Strategy & Operations, and Americas Partner Sales Operations.

Summer Internship in 2017
Apply for various lucrative internships at Dell. (startlr)

Global Services and Deployment Internship

Who: MBA candidates and undergraduates from selected universities
Where: Global
Time commitment: Ten to twelve weeks over the summer

Global Services and Deployment is made up of global operations teams to include customer service, supply chain, and professional services; marketing and sales operations teams, finance, engineering, and more. Roles include a combination of project management and internal consulting roles. Interns, joining this team, will be expected to apply strong consulting skills to a broad set of business improvement opportunities, including mergers and acquisitions, operations improvement, cost reduction and business optimisation.

Marketing Internship

Who: MBA candidates and undergraduates from selected universities
Where: Global
Time commitment: Ten to twelve weeks over the summer

The Marketing Internship Program invites students from select universities to join Dell marketing organisation over the summer for a 10-12 week internship. Interns provide fresh insights into key strategic projects, and the program provides students with an incredible learning experience and career development opportunity. Opportunities can range in Branding, Events, Product Management, Social Media, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Field Marketing, Marketing Intelligence and more.

How to apply: You can submit your application via their online portal.

Summer Internship in 2017
Internship opportunities at Dell (csmonitor)

The aftermath- be patient and wait for it.

Dell initially shortlists candidates based on their CGPAs, skills, experience and the interview. After you apply, all you can do is wait and hope for the best.

The shortlisted candidates are called for a telephonic interview which lasts for 30-45 minutes. This is followed by an in-office interview which consists of both technical and HR questions. Technical questions mostly pertain to the individual projects which you had done in the past. HR questions are mainly focused on your behavioural competency with the company.

Go ahead, apply to this lucrative opportunity! Let us know your views in the comments. And in the meantime, explore our own range of offerings for summer internships.

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