How to score a Summer Internship in Flipkart?

How to score a Summer Internship in Flipkart?

Keen on interning with India's best e-commerce platform? Explore the perks of FLINTERNSHIP at Flipkart as you Summer Internship in 2017.


Summer Internship in 2017
Summer Internship in 2017 at Flipkart (technews)

Flipkart is Queen Bee of E-commerce. With their signature tagline being “Ab har wish hogi poori“, let us tell you how this amazing online retail venture is taking a special place in the hearts of all the aspiring interns.

Flipkart’s internship program- FLINTERNSHIP is as exciting as their sweet deals and lucrative offers! Their Summer Internship Program is as accredited as their quality of products. Let’s explore.


Summer Internship in 2017
Enjoy a FLINTERNSHIP at Flipkart (fatbit)

Flipkart claims to consistently ideate brand new concepts and innovations to revolutionise e-commerce in India. A Finternship, as they proudly call it, is an offer you just can’t skip! Not only you get a certificate and a decent stipend but you get to work with the creative minds. And at the end of it, you learn the quirks of e-commerce! The internship has three stages: pre-joining, induction and assignments.


Great Projects: They ensure that every Flintern takes ownership of his / her project and experiences a sense of pride in all successes, big or small.

Robust Support System: Flinterns are assigned to mentors who take charge of ensuring their mentees imbibe all the makings of an entrepreneur.

Fun at Work: In addition to the everyday challenges, the Flinternship offers a host of activities, programs, and perks intended at helping Flinterns have a fulfilling, well-rounded experience.

How to be a Flipster?

Summer Internship in 2017
Enjoy your Summer Internship in 2017 at Flipkart (prameyanews7)

Flipkart collaborates with universities and trains students to be ready for the challenges brought forth by the new tech revolution. They ensure to let the selected students be the proud designers of India’s future. Their campus teams work adjacent with business groups to identify demand and assignments that would be meaningful for campus recruits. That is why Flipkart visits selected campuses each year – to hire students on the lookout for those very challenges. They DO NOT offer off-campus internships.

At  Flipkart, hiring committees assess students through gruelling rounds focused on evaluating technical capabilities and personality traits, in a bid to hire language agnostic go-getters with an analytical mindset and a penchant for solving problems.

What goes in your pocket?

  • 2 months of Summer Internship in Flipkart
  • Lucrative stipend
  • A certificate
  • Lots of fun and professional exposure
  • A family that loves to e-shop

You can apply online through their official website.

If you don’t believe it, read Rachit Jain’s FLINTERNHSIP story. Let us know your views in the comments.

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