How to score a Summer Internship in ITC?

How to score a Summer Internship in ITC?

Peruse through the do(s) of getting a Summer Internship in ITC. This legendary Indian venture offers amazing perks along with a credible sheen to your resume!


Find out more about ITC's internship program, KITES. (Official website)
Find out more about ITC’s internship program, KITES. (Official website)

Let us guide you through applying for a Summer Internship in ITCTheir internship program KITES is highly credited across the globe. Read on to know more.

What is ITC KITES?

Summer Internships in 2017
Get a sparkling resume with KITES

Knowledge, Initiative & Talent Excellence Series as ITC quotes is its Summer Internship Program- KITES. Outlined to present to the digital generation, a unique platform to learn, experience and manage real-time business situations.

KITES is one of its kind programs that is valued all over the world!

  • Students are given the opportunity to experience the rigours of actual work/business scenarios.
  • Apply their theoretical learnings ‘on the job’
  • Gain precious insights into management, leadership and everyday challenges.


  • Internships are offered for a period of 8 weeks, during the months of April, May and June each year.
  • KITES is an extremely important platform that enables ITC to identify exceptional talent from the best of institutions in India.
  • Interns are awarded Pre-Placement Offers of Employment based on their performance during the internship.

They HIRE from 

Summer Internship in 2017
Summer Internship in 2017- KITES by ITC(Source: ITC)


For KITES ITC selects interns from premier management campuses across the country. They offer projects in the following fields:

  1. Marketing
  2. Human Resources
  3. Supply Chain/Operations
  4. Agri-Business
  5. Environment, Health and Safety


For KITES, ITC recruits interns from premier technical campuses across the country. They offer projects in the following fields:

  1. Production
  2. Engineering
  3. Process Excellence/Six Sigma Projects
  4. Product Development

How to enrol?

Summer Internships 2017
Score a Summer Internships in 2017(Source:

There are three stages to the selection of interns under KITES:

Step I: Application Screening

Interested students from esteemed campuses are invited to apply online. An ideal candidate aspiring for an internship opportunity must possess the right mix of academic achievements and co-curricular excellence. Students who are able to think creatively, work in teams, convert adversity into opportunities and lead through ambiguous situations are preferred.

Step II: Group Activity:

Candidates shortlisted through the application screening process are invited to participate in a group activity. This activity provides ITC insights into the candidate’s ability to lead, influence, communicate and work as a member of a team to achieve the desired results, all essential for a successful manager and emerging leader.

Step III: Personal Interaction

Candidates selected for the group activity are invited to a personal interaction with some of ITC’s senior managers. ITC then understands the candidate’s depth of functional knowledge, general awareness and the overall fit with their core values, besides gaining a better understanding of the candidate’s background and attributes like leadership, teamwork and the ability to succeed.

The aftermath– be patient and wait for it. 

After being shortlisted based on the CGPAs, skills and experience. After you apply, all you can do is wait and hope for the best. You should also know the tips to add references on your resume

Go ahead, apply to this lucrative opportunity! Let us know your views in the comments. And in the meantime, explore our own range of offerings for summer internships.

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