How To Search For Relevant Summer Internships in 2018

How To Search For Relevant Summer Internships in 2018

The season of summer internships is here, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn, earn, grow, explore your skills and be future ready.


Know how to work those summer internships.
Know how to work those summer internships.

If you want to build a rewarding professional career, then you need to start planning and experimenting with your skills. And, a great way to do that would be to search for relevant summer internships. Internships, which will help you grow in a professional environment and give you the opportunity to explore the dynamics of work beyond your academics and what you might be learning in college. Another reason why you should start working on your summer internships plan is that it will help you reach out and build your own contacts, which will further assist you when you want to settle down in a job.

But how do we find relevant summer internships that will give you all that and look so tempting and great sitting on your resume? Many times, we are stuck with this question and mess up while finding a reliable source to get internships. But with its increasing popularity and demand, sources are surrounding you, you just need to have a keen eye. Some research and planning is all that is required to find your dream internship.

The Web

Start searching for work you are interested in and you will find a lot of information on the internet. You can apply online by sending your resume to companies shortlisted from the web or can apply directly through internship portals, which has made it super easy to get internships throughout the year.

Just build your profile on one of the reliable portals, add your resume, and you are good to go. Make sure you start applying about two months prior for summer internships or winter internships. You can also get part-time internships throughout the year.

Social Media

Many internship firms post their information on social media. Since it is the most popular medium of connectivity these days, you can start spreading the word through your posts and interests. Join open groups where companies post internship and job requirements frequently.

But since it’s not an entirely reliable medium, be very sure before you trust individuals over offering you a job. Moreover, don’t ever say yes to meetings outside office premises. It’s fine to look for virtual or part-time internships here but don’t entirely depend on social media for getting full-time summer and winter internships.Education and Job Fairs

Education and Job Fairs

Many companies participate in job and education fairs where there are numerous internships for you at one place! This can come to your rescue for getting the dream internship in India or abroad. These fairs have ample opportunities for students interested in Sales, Marketing, Content Writing, Fashion, Engineering, Product Management, Design, Volunteering, Human Resources, and Finance. Register with reputed educational consultancies that can keep you informed about similar fairs taking place in your city.Personal Connections/College Career Counseling

Personal Connections/ College Career Counseling

Speak with family, friends, faculty, college advisors, and career counsellors in the Career Services. Some colleges themselves allocate internships to students of professional courses. In that case, you should inform the college authorities about your interests beforehand.Informational interviews/meetings with college alumni and seniors may also turn out to be of

Informational interviews/meetings with college alumni and seniors may also turn out to be of great help. This is mostly for certain fixed internship periods as colleges don’t offer internships all throughout the year.Classified ads/ Manual research

Classified ads/ Manual research

While reading the news of your locality and getting yourself updated, you can also check out columns in the classified ads of your local newspaper to identify employers who may be interested in hiring you as an intern. You can also submit your resume by visiting the companies. Looking for

Looking for part-time jobs throughout the year might do the trick. But always mention in your cover letter that you are still a college going student and just looking for some professional experience.

To conclude in brief, there are a lot of ways through which you can search for internships, you just need to prepare a blueprint of how you are going to go about these internships and benefit from them not only during the summer internships season but all through the year.