How to show problem-solving skills on your intern resume

How to show problem-solving skills on your intern resume

Your problem-solving talents can make the difference when it comes that great internship! Here's how you can show them on your intern resume.


This is how you can showcase your problem-solving skills on your Intern resume.
This is how you can showcase your problem-solving skills on your Intern resume.

Wish to be a coveted intern in the pool of the many who come applications that companies receive every year, when they announce an internship? Then, you need to showcase yourself as one – by having the right mix of intern skills, which recruiters normally look for. And have them in front, right on your intern resume.

Over the last few months, we have talked about the need to showcase specific intern-worthy skills to prospective recruiters. These skills, which we also examine as basic employability skills that the industry expects from freshers.

Problem Solving Skills On Intern Resume:

Take your cues - be a problem-solver.
Take your cues – be a problem-solver.

Taking a step beyond our discourse on the need for problem-solving skills, we now examine how you can showcase them in both your intern resume and cover letter with relative ease.

First things first. Unless, you have an explicit, foolproof case that you can make for your problem-solving skills – the way to showcase this lies in how you choose to frame your resume and cover letter. It’s structured in the whole resume and not just a section for it.

Second, put it under your skills – right next to your grasp on communication and your ability to coordinate with a team. This brings it up as a potential conversation topic in an interview and as an important resume keyword.

Here are the ways in which you could mention it:

1. Skills section:

Ensure that you mention specific skills in the section, instead of a simple grasp on English and Hindi, computer skills and vague ideas like writing. Problem-solving skills, as mentioned above, stand out here, alongside being a team player and communication skills.

2. Cover Letter:

Writing a cover letter is not just an add-on, when you’re applying for an internship and later, a job. For coveted brands, it’s the difference in being hired or rejected. For startups and other companies, it’s a declaration of intent – that you’ve read up on the position, their company and want to specifically work for them!

You can include your problem-solving skills here by:

  • Talking about the problems the company may face and how you can help in addressing them.
  • Cite examples, on the basis of your college experience, or prior intern experience.
  • How you normally achieve deadlines, ensure productivity and keep to timelines – details that showcase you as a capable problem-solver.
  • How tough situations bring out the best in you.
  • Quotes from college faculty, which give testament to your claims

3. Resume – Work Experience:

While an intern resume may not give you ample opportunities to cite examples of how you are a problem-solver, there are still ways in which you can do so:

  • Challenges resolved during volunteering assignments (objective ones)
  • Challenges resolved during college life in key roles.


Most interns are hired for internships in India on the basis of their first impression, their intern resume. Make sure you have the best one to market yourself for the position you’re looking for. And that includes working on basic employability skills – intern-worthy skills, like the problem-solving skills, which we have just discussed.

Remember, the intern resume is half of the battle. You still need to clear the internship interview, where you would be quizzed on the points you mention in this document. Be prepared for both straightforward queries and trick questions to judge you on these skills – by going through simple problem-solving exercises to showcase your proficiency in these skills.

And if you’re ready with the ideal intern resume – now’s the time to put it to good use. Apply to the widest set of winter internships this season!