How to tell if your internship will be a success

How to tell if your internship will be a success


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So, you have finally landed an internship in one of the hottest startups. Making your way through the workload, clients, and your new work life seems a little difficult but you will manage it somehow!

However, one of the biggest dilemmas an intern faces is, “Am I doing it right?“. If only there were some means to measure and figure out the level of internship success.

Or is there one!? Let’s find out.

You’ve been loaded with additional responsibilities

If your role has evolved into something bigger than it was meant to be, it is good news! An intern is given further responsibilities only if the administration thinks that you are worthy of it and responsible enough to take the additional load.


Your suggestions are taken seriously

Has your manager started to take inputs from you more frequently and seriously? Time to celebrate! Your inputs and advice are only taken if you have been performing well in your job and actively participating in the office. This also means that the seniors and your team members are liking your work and your internship success is full proof.


Coworkers love you

Professional life is all about stepping ahead from each other but that doesn’t mean you have to keep a cold relationship with your colleagues. One of the best internship advice you can get is to keep a warm and friendly relation with your coworkers.

Think it this way- how do you want them to remember you after the internship is over? Approach them exactly like that.

If you want them to remember you for being kind, hardworking, passionate, and friendly; first exactly behave like that. If the warmth has been reciprocated, your college internship is a success!


You are a solution seeker

If you’ve entered in a phase where you are able to solve your issues without much help, congratulations, you have completely immersed yourself into the work!

To secure a full time job or get plus points in your college internship, it is imperative that your manager sees you as a problem solver and not someone as who just complains.


You get amazing feedback

Feedback plays a huge role in shaping your college internship. Without proper feedback, it is impossible to complete your internship properly. If you’ve been getting amazing feedback from your manager, it means that you are on the right path. Always take this feedback seriously and try to work on the shortcomings.


Boss praises you

It is an altogether different thing when your boss praises you. If your boss has signaled that he likes your work or has praised your contribution to the hiring manager, it’s time to party!

Coworkers are mostly a little senior from you and lack decision-making power. Your boss is the one who will sign on that internship certificate and give feedback to the college. If he/she praises your efforts, it means you are going well.


You are managing people

Internship success is just not measured by your feedback but by calculating what all responsibilities and opportunities you have been presented with.

Managing people is the toughest task. If you’ve been asked to do so, it means you are considered special and talented. It implies that your work is being taken with much thought and your seniors believe that you can handle tough situations.




It is not easy to complete an internship successfully. You need to stay motivated and interested in doing the task in hand. If you want praises from your seniors and coworkers, take your feedback seriously. Ending an internship on a high note opens new doors for you.

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