How to Write an Irresistible Intern Resume: Complete Guide, Samples and Templates

How to Write an Irresistible Intern Resume: Complete Guide, Samples and Templates

In this segment, we will learn the A to Z of writing an irresistible resume for Internships. Let’s start with a guide and move on to intern resume samples and templates based on that.


The definitive guide to writing an intern resume.
The definitive guide to writing an intern resume.

In 2018, internships are essential in shaping your initial career – the first step towards a work life and learning on the job. However, landing your dream internship isn’t as easy as it appears – courtesy intense competition. No matter how capable and qualified you are, your chances can often boil down to your first step – the intern resume.

Found your dream internship after careful planning? The first step to bagging an internship in a reputed firm is to get your resume shortlisted by the employer. Your academic qualifications can very much do the job but that’s only when they are presented neatly and smarty in your resume, in relevance to a given internship role.

In this segment, we will learn the A to Z of writing an irresistible resume for Internships. Let’s start with a guide and move on to intern resume samples and templates based on that.

Guide to writing an irresistible intern resume:

The first thing that we need to note down is that while we spend hours writing our resume, our employers aren’t interested in spending more than a few counted seconds to scan it. There are so many resumes to go through that it’s the only way out.

So, how do we make those seconds count? By highlighting just the right things!

Let’s go by a step by step guide to understand how:


Summer Internships in 2017
Say it out loud in minimal words.

Introduction in a resume doesn’t ask for your life history (and geography). Just put what’s necessary.

Some time back, one’s name was followed by a contact number and postal address for further communications but now e-mails have taken over.

Just mention your name, e-mail address, and contact number at most. A mention of your address can help you gain points if you’re located near the office. It can also work against you, if you’re not nearby.

Intern Resume Tips for Introduction:

  • Put your name in a bigger font, highlighted in bold
  • Your e-mail address should sound professional.
  • Always provide a contact number at which you are mostly available.
  • Photograph isn’t required, unless asked for.

Career Objective:

Say it clearly in the resume objective on your intern resume.
Say it clearly in the resume objective on your intern resume.

While the career statement forms an integral part of the resume, it shouldn’t be too long and unfocused. Copying from other sources or writing the same repetitive things over and again is the last thing you need to do to get shortlisted.

Points to Remember:

  • Keep it concise.
  • Focus on your intern role rather than life goals.
  • Focus on a bilateral goal and not just self serving.



Believe it or not, your employer’s aren’t much interested in your high school grades as long as you have the skills. As you are applying just for an internship, there’s no need to mention exact scores in the resume if they aren’t very presentable. A brief table including your academic degrees and division should be sufficient to reflect your accolades.

Points to Remember:

  • Mention any diploma and certificate courses you have done and might be relevant to the internship role.
  • Mention your academic qualifications in descending order, with the most recent on top.


You might be very good at something but if that’s not relevant to your internship, you can choose to keep it to yourself for now. State only similar skills your employer is looking for but use different words rather than choosing the same ones mentioned in the advertisement or internship post.

Work Experience:

experience-resumeYour Internship resume isn’t supposed to reflect much of professional work experience as you are just a beginner. So, you don’t need t make up stuff or lie in your resume. For relevant experience, you can concisely mention any previous internships or college projects done previously.

Leadership Skills:

Being a class monitor does not count as a leadership skill in the professional world so it’s better you avoid it in your resume. In fact, if you don’t have anything really convincing, just skip the part. No body is a born leader and moreover, not all employers are looking for leaders.


It’s not an oath. Just state in a sentence that the information is true to your knowledge and sign it with the date.

Things to attach with the resume:

1. Reference Letters

Some employers ask for reference letters to confirm your capabilities and character. You can ask your university professors or previous employers (internships) to write a brief letter regarding the same. There’s no need to find persons at extra ordinary designations to write a reference letter for you.

2. Cover Letter

Attach a cover letter only when asked for. And while applying for internships, you don’t need to give a detailed account of your life. Just keep it to the point. Follow word limits wherever asked for and focus more on career related information rather than personal life.

Intern Resume Template:

Summarising all of the above information, we can conclude the following intern resume template.

An ideal intern resume template (LetsIntern)
An ideal intern resume template (LetsIntern)

Remember, this is a general template, applicable to almost all industries (with tailor-made tweaks), but it’s not the only one. You can always make changes according to your internship requirements but do not forget the ‘Keep it short and relevant’ rule while writing your intern resume.

Attached Documents (as per requirements):

  1. Reference Letter (1)
  2. Reference Letter (2)
  3. Cover Letter

Tips For An Irresistible Intern Resume:

  • ALWAYS use proper industry related keywords.
  • ALWAYS proofread before sending the final resume.
  • DO NOT exceed a page.
  • DO NOT fabricate false information.
  • DO NOT use witty/sarcastic sentences. It may show a casual approach.

There is no one internship resume sample that can make your resume irresistible. It’s your own addition to the format that makes the difference. Though you don’t need to be super creative with it, but just being a little smart with it surely helps.

The key is in being selective with the information. While you might have many tempting accolades and skills to mention, the employer unfortunately is least interested in minutely going through all resumes they receive. So, just focus on what your employers need to know rather then what you want them to know and you are good to go!

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