“I was creating something which was going to be used by millions...

“I was creating something which was going to be used by millions of people around the world.” – Gaurav Baheti, Former Zomato Intern.


Previously we featured Gaurav’s story about his internships experience as the UX Design Intern at Google NYC. You can read it here: “Life at Google is one thing, and life at Google, New York is another.” – Gaurav Baheti, UX Design Intern, Google.

.I consider myself lucky to have spent a summer at Zomato, with a team of incredibly talented designers and developers. Everyone working their hearts out for a product they believe in – I had never experienced such a culture before, and it felt really awesome.

Great perks, great workplace, excellent people.

I was given everything I needed to work. But much more than that.

Right after my 4th semester as a Computer Science undergrad, I joined Zomato as a technical intern looking to code front-end. Instead I got the opportunity to design cool stuff! I was given the entire case, not just the bits and pieces of it, and within a stipulated time I had to redesign few of the major pages of the website and mobile apps.

For the first time in my life, I was creating something which was going to be used by tens of millions of people around the world. I never expected this big opportunity and I did my best to deliver, the best I could. Only with the help of the design and product teams at Zomato, could I do what I did. Starting with the profile page, I did the search results page, and then the restaurant page. I had to follow a strict design process to solve the problems with the previous design.

Research -> Information Architecture -> Wireframing -> Prototype -> Repeat

This is a personal learning for me – I was uncomfortable with following a process in the beginning and I tried resisting it, but that’s not how it works. Good design is good for a reason. I realized that this is an absolutely essential thing to do. “Always follow the process”. Thanks for making me do it!

Over the course of the summer, I not only worked on the responsive web design, but also did the Android and iOS design for the tour, login-signup flow, walk throughs, feed and profile. Also, I was lucky enough to get one major design project, the all new check-in feature.


My first coding project at Zomato was to code responsive emails optimized for majority of email clients (with lots of testing) which were sent out when a user registers, adds photos/review, friend’s activity etc. It felt really good to know that these emails proved to make about 30% inactive users, active again.

To sum up, it was a phenomenal experience. And I would like to thank all the Zomans for making this experience remarkable, especially the design and product teams. You guys rock.




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