“If fashion is your art, KOOVS is definitely your canvas.” – Ria...

“If fashion is your art, KOOVS is definitely your canvas.” – Ria Chatterjee, Fashionista+Student, DU.


10929132_10152863332284597_6277063368895949925_nLife is like a flea market, and opportunities are like those sudden lovely pieces of clothing that pop out from the bundle of clothes that everybody has an eye on, but if you let it go, you won’t ever get it back.

Well, I’m no Diana Vreeland, or Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic, who is going to hook the readers with glossy, over the top views about fashion, I’m one of you, you youngsters out there, with big dreams in your eyes, fashion in your mind, and a sense of style way more powerful than a dog’s 6th sense.

UntitledGetting to the point, this one fine evening, while streaming the internet, with the usual cup of coffee and a scattered room full of fashion magazines, one of my long lost friends messaged me on Facebook about this fashion campaign related to an online fashion brand called “KOOVS”, which was providing a two month internship and all they needed was an immense passion for fashion from college goers across Delhi NCR, showcasing their talent and creativity.

That’s not it; if you get selected the perks are more than unimaginable, loads of connections with the biggies of the fashion industry,  getting to work on projects related to fashion with your own personal touch and so much more.  It wasn’t just about that; there are rewards. Not like a star sticker stuck to your forehead, but the real deal: paid internships at the KOOVS headquarter in India, a wardrobe transformation, getting featured in a fashion magazine and many more. But what kept my heart pounding and excited me was that if you’re good enough, you get to go to the London headquarter of KOOVS and work. LONDON – one of the fashion capitals of the world and a fashion pilgrimage for us enthusiasts.

UntitledAt first I was a little pepped, but then thought to myself whether I was that competent enough to get out there and face the fashionistas of one of the leading fashion brands, sit for the interview, probably get grind with questions I’m unaware of. Anyway, listening to my conscious, I filled the form, and soon got a call for a one-to-one interview session.

There I was, at this beautiful hotel, with a bunch of girls and boys from different colleges, trying to portray their best about fashion. The ambience kept me going. Looking around, there were photographers, brewing coffee to calm the nerves, a wardrobe corner showcasing the in-house KOOVS apparels and accessories. It was not like those usual interviews; it was an experience where I felt like a professional sitting with my counterparts waiting anxiously for my turn to crack the interview and get one step closer to my dream of making a mark in the industry like many of you.

Candidates browsing through the KOOVS spring collection!

With a blank mind yet a clear knowledge of my only strength FASHION!! it was my turn and there was my interviewer sitting wearing a black coat, in her own classy self, and she wasn’t just confident herself but probably sensed my nerves twitching and made me feel comfortable and confident too.

Fashionista in making.

The questions were out there; not those stereotypical interviewers proving you wrong at every point of your answers. It was more like your opinion, as if you were a designer already, and not an amateur. She only cared to see my love, passion, lust and craze for fashion. That seemed to be her only main priority. Ah! A sense of relief and a feel of ease that I did something I like for a brand that wins a million hearts by just a click on the cart where thousands of girls and boys shop their style.

KOOVS Collection Corner

Finally, I was in the fashion space grabbing my opportunity to do an internship with KOOVS, and not letting it go. Trust me you don’t get opportunities like these that often. Lastly, keeping my short journey in mind, I would say: “If fashion is your art, KOOVS is definitely your canvas.”

This article has been written by Ria Chatterjee from Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University.





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