Letsintern at INK Live 2013 | People. Ideas. Action.

Letsintern at INK Live 2013 | People. Ideas. Action.


INK Live is an annual event, being put together by INK Talks since 2010. It focuses mainly on conferences and motivational talks from people round the globe who started off as just you and me, the only difference being that they had an idea and the passion to turn it from paper into reality. Apart from this, the major attractions include workshops, projects, contests, speaker interactions and more, the purpose of which is to provide exposure to innovative  ideas and creatively engage everyone in meaningful dialogue.

INK Live this year, promised a stimulating experience and it delivered nothing less.

Three of us from Letsintern attended the event held in the gorgeous backwaters of Kochi, last month and brought a sneak-a-peak for you into how the whole affair turned out to be. Read on. : )

The first day started off with beautiful melodies from Shankar Tucker, the American born music composer who left everybody in the hall spellbound with his expertise on clarinet. He was joined by Puneet Gabriel and Mugdha Hasabnis towards the end of the show to complete the musical experience. Soon we were introduced to our first speaker of the day, David Gallo, an ocean explorer who has strived hard over the years,to form a link between creatures under the sea and those on land. His informative presentation on the most common myths people hold about the ocean and what lies beyond was a visual treat. He was then followed by the other speakers scheduled for the day including Pushpa Basnet, who vowed to make a difference in the life of children from Nepal with incarcerated parents, Sunil Khanbahale, creator of a digital dictionaries with over 9.6 audio and textual words, Rajeshwari Kanan, inventor of Lightspeak, a groundbreaking technology that can decode messages from photons of light and finally Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan who uses her knowledge of DNA-coding to prevent poaching of tigers.

Over the next 3 days, we listened to the rest of the speakers out of which Anirudh Sharma’s  invention of making ink from smoke was the highlight of the event. Varun AgarwalL, author, entrepreneur, film-maker set an inspiration for all with his talk on how he rose above his failure in Engineering to set up a million-dollar merchandise company, all by following a simple rule of ‘Don’t Think. Just do it.’ Another memorable talk was that of Snigdha Manchanda, India’s first and the youngest Tea sommelier, who shared her fascination for teas since early in life and eventually taking it to a much higher level by turning it into a career.

Apart from the INK talks, there were six workshops and over ten contests and projects that kept us and other people more than engaged. The various workshops were held by Levis-Art project, Tally, Big Data, Nokia and more and we happily took part in all of them. Levis encouraged everyone to expand the horizon of their minds and transform the result into art which was later set to be displayed on a large wall. For Tally we had to design a flight boarding pass in such a manner that it could be understood easily by the people reading it. The key here was to mention all the necessary details without making it seem un-organized and cluttered. Lastly, we worked on a flyer, followed by a competition where we were required to tweet as to how Big Data can solve problems related to education & health in India. The workshop conducted by Godrej mainly asked everybody to come up and share new ideas to ensure better safety of homes.

Needless to say, boundaries disappeared as we met people from across the world and from different fields –artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians, , inventors bloggers and illustrious thinkers — shared ideas, and discussed everything from entrepreneurship and start-ups to technology and finance. The final attraction of the whole session was the renowned singer Usha Uthup who took the stage with her daughter and granddaughter, surprising the audience with an amazing performance of Skyfall, originally sung by Adele. Apart from the sheer energy and humor she brought on with her presence, it was truly a once-in-a -lifetime opportunity to see three generations of a single family come together on the same platform.

Every year, INK identifies a fresh batch of multidisciplinary young trailblazers who they believe will be the change-makers of tomorrow. Read more about INK and the INK fellows of this year here.




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