Inside Chumbak’s quirky office

Inside Chumbak’s quirky office

Take a sneak-peek inside the Chumbak Office and discover the awesomeness that you get as an employee at Chumbak.


Chumbak OfficeThe Chumbak Office just above the Chumbak Flagship Store on CMH Road in Indiranagar, Bangalore is two floors of complete innovation and awesomeness.

Inside Chumbak's office
Inside Chumbak’s office

Founded in 2010 and known for its apparel and home decor products having quirky designs and bright colors, Chumbak, for the last five years, has managed to grow over 300% year over year. Started with a very simple idea – Give the world something cool to take back from their travels to India.


What started with souvenirs stocked in multi brand outlets soon transformed itself into a business spanning stores across the country in both large format, full experience stores and pop up stores across popular malls and high streets.


Life is funky and colorful, when it comes to working at Chumbak. Enter their office and you’ll be greeted with the signature yellow and teal colors that have come to define a lot of Chumbak products – plus they add so much cheer!

Who won’t fall in love with this lamp?
Design lies in everything – from the way desks are arranged, to the layout and colors of the office.

The glass walls present in the office is to enjoy Bangalore’s lovely weather, and also represents space and openness – helps the creative minds to grow, and have the freedom to express themselves better through design.

Chumbak Office
At Chumbak openness and creativity is highly encouraged.


The walls are made of glass - to encourage openness and creativity, and also to get a lovely view of beautiful Bangalore.

If you ever visit the Chumbak office, you’ll keep hearing a lot of things like ‘give me the Pantone colour!’ or ‘needs more negative space’. Everyone here eats, sleeps and breaths design, whether they’re in the design team or not, and that’s really how they manage to remain on the top in what they do!


chumbak office
When work is fun!

Here, you’ll see messy desks a lot, but they’re usually full of pinned-up doodles, designs and inspiration. Plus, they say the messier people’s desks, the more creative they are, so this is no coincidence.


And, mess is the new cool!
Aren’t you in love with those already!

The Conference hall…


The cubicles…


Everyday essentials at the Chumbak studio.

Chumbak studio.

All the cozy corners in the Chumbak Studio are taken!

.Chumbak office
What more do you want?
.Chumbak office
This is how Chumbak employees work!

Who won’t love to have coffee in those mugs!



Fun stuff happening at Chumbak Studio.

Chumbak Studio.
Please excuse me as I wipe off this drool off my screen.

When the designers at Chumbak went on a crazy mug designing spree…..

When the designers at Chumbak went on a crazy mug designing spree.

And……This even gets better!

They have a Labrador in office whose name is Hugo! And, he sits on the chair!

Who won’t fall in love with him!

The in-house dawgie -Hugo.

chumbak-dog-hugo-768x512A surprise!

There are also occasional lively visits by Ginger, a naughty cat. They are also part of most of Chumbak’s employee engagement activities.

Chumbak office

Work becomes super exciting when you work with Chumbak. What did you love the most? Tell us in the comments! 😀

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