Inside the Facebook Office | 10 coolest things you get as a...

Inside the Facebook Office | 10 coolest things you get as a Facebook Employee!

Take a sneak-peek inside the Facebook Office and discover the awesomeness that you get as an employee at Facebook.


So, giving perks to your employees, interns is an age-old tradition with many companies, to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.  However, it occurred to us that Facebook, being the youth-centric, technology driven company that it is, would perhaps outdo the competition in the perk-providing category. Are we right? You decide!

Here are things that are the coolest of the perks that Facebook provides to its employees!

1) Forgot your laptop charger? No, you don’t need to run back home!

We are a forgetful bunch, and the engineers, artists, and what-not at Facebook are the same. Keeping this in mind, Facebook, FB as it is affectionately called, has come up with round the clock vending machines for all the small electronics that you could need for doing stuff. Accessible with the swipe of an employee card, you can grab Mac chargers, phone chargers, cables, assorted wires and more, instead of wasting time on requisitioning an article or on driving back home to fetch. The vending machines give most all electronics on the low end of the price spectrum, for FREE! Unlike Facebook the website itself, this sounds truly time saving!

Yes. There is a keyboard in there too. Because why the hell not?

2) ‘The Epic Cafe’ – Food for every one of your taste buds!

At the Menlo Park headquarters of Facebook, the two cafes and a host of other eating joints prepare 3 meals a day, 5 days a week. The menu is changed frequently and food items are labeled green, yellow or red based on how healthy that dish is. All the Facebook campuses across the world have a good range of eateries, meant to satisfy the hungry Facebooker.

It even says ‘EPIC’. What more do you need?
Ask and you shall receive.

3) Everyone needs Candy:

Facebook has installed outlets that serve frozen yogurt, toppings, ice-cream and naturally, candy, free of charge for its employees!  Also, spread around campus are mini-kitchens who are too busy or lazy to walk all the way to the food joints or the candy outlets.  These carry chips, candies, cookies, and soda of many kinds, to quickly quell the hunger and/or thirst gnawing at an employee. A well-fed worker is a happy worker!

You should send Facebook a Candy Crush request, now!
Please excuse me as I wipe off this drool off my screen.

4)The family that bikes together, works together!

Facebook invariably has large campuses, and the 57-acre, 11 building, Menlo park campus is the largest of them all!  To get around Facebook provides communal bikes, which are also tuned and maintained at a full-service in-house bike repairs shop. No need to buy these, and getting around becomes easier and more fun. We’re sure the people at Facebook are reminded to their yesteryears!

Oh, and they repair your bikes, too. Yes.

5) All you video game buffs. This is where you drool!

The company gives a lot of gaming options to its employees, from arcane arcade games to X-Box 360 and Guitar Hero! If these are not your game, then try chess or ping-pong, both available for play at Menlo Park! This makes for some serious recreation!

Guitar Hero and Xbox, anyone?
The video game arcade at Facebook.
Not everyone wants to kill characters on a screen. So, they play Chess instead.

6) They make ‘Wall Posts’ too!

You got it, or did you? We don’t mean the Facebook ‘timelines’ here, but real actual walls for employees to write, scribble, doodle on. Do anything you want!  The company feels that they boost creativity and encourages dialogue, a way to keep the workplace youthful, motivated and energized for a hard day’s work.  There is also a group of professional artists who are on the staff to keep things fresh and lively on the walls. Now there’s a likable post!

Facebook takes ‘Write on the wall’ to a whole new level!

7) Remember the Games period from School? Yeah, Facebook has a Game Day!

Every Spring, the company organises a day-long event of gaming for its’ employees, with dodgeball, kickball, rock-paper-scissors and skeeball amongst the games played in parks which are generally rented by the company for all its employees! Game on, fellas!

Nothing like settling it on the field, right?

8)What do a barber, chiropractor, doctor and physical therapist have in common? You can find them all here in the Facebook office!

Barber, doctor, chiropractor and a physical therapist- the Facebook headquarters and most other sites of this company have basically brought everything you could imagine into one place. Appointments can be booked online and minimal time wasted for the commute between work and the barber. Perfect for the late risers who had no time before that critically important meeting with the boss, or the late night back trouble. All solvable, right on campus!

Yes, you get it for free in case you were wondering.

9) Oh, they do your dry cleaning as well!

No one has time to wash clothes when you are running the biggest Social Networking site, please.

10) Birthday Presents are a thing:

Everyone loves a good present, and if it’s from your employer, it’s almost as good as a bonus! Facebook has made it compulsory to give its employees small gifts on their Birthdays.


Facebook has a sense of humor.


Sometimes you just don’t need a chair, right?

Work becomes fun when you work with this IT giant. What did you love the most? Tell us in the comments! 😀

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