Inside Tumblr Office | 10 coolest things you get as a Tumblr...

Inside Tumblr Office | 10 coolest things you get as a Tumblr employee!


1. The Refer Madness Employee Program: 
Pronounced as ‘reefer’, the ‘Refer Madness’ Program was started by Sean Mcdermott, Director, Recruiting at Tumblr, which allows the employees to refer their friends or someone they know as a potential employee to the organization. If the referred person ends up taking a job at Tumblr, then the referring employee gets a budget to take out the entire Tumblr team or just their own group  to a team-building event. In the past employees have gone out to Medieval Times – “a family dinner theater featuring staged medieval-style games, sword-fighting, and jousting performed by a cast of 75 actors and more than 20 horses in each location.”*, Monster Truck rallys, a pro wrestling event, a Nets game, and a holiday themed nail art place.

2. Sherpaa:
Tumblr was the first company to test out the ‘smart healthcare’ service that Sherpaa, a New-York based start up offers. What Katherine Barna, head of communications at Tumblr, describes as, ‘a doctor friend in your pocket’, is actually a an intelligent health system app, with a dedicated team of doctors and expert insurance guides,which the employees can benefit from, when they are sick. Sherpaa accepts symptoms of the an onset illness and even photos of an injury from the employee, and recommends what the next step should be, which may or may not involve taking a trip to the hospital or the nearest doctor.3. The  office is built around the ‘kitchen’:
Ofcourse food is an important driving force in handling millions of blogs everyday, but what makes the ‘the food place’ at the Tumblr office slightly different that all the other companies we have been to in the past, is that the kitchen happens to be smack in the middle of the office.The kitchen caters to all the eating demands of the employee, including things you can snack on in the passing:..and ice coffee for the ones who need their daily dose of caffeine to make across the room.… and a Fetco Coffee Machine, if you fancy making a cuppa yourself.
..with various other beverages and food options.

But, more than anything else, the main attraction of the kitchen is actually ‘the refrigerator’. Why you ask? That brings us to our next point. 

4. Tumblr gets a lot of fan-mails, which you not only get to read, but also can pay homage to by putting it on ‘the fridge of fame’:
Nothing tells you ‘you made a good product’ than customers writing out pages and pages of positive feedback addressed to you, and Tumblr makes sure to value the connection with their users, by keeping the tons of fan-mail they get in safe hands. the Tumblr Kitchen features letters and drawings pinned to the fridge, to remind the employees of the reason they work so hard.Not only this, Tumblr invests in buying art made my tumblr users that adorns their office walls.

..because everyone needs a Spiderman in their lives.

5. Working late? Free food and a cab ride home.
If you end up clocking more hours than the usual office ones, Tumblr makes sure to show their gratitude for your work, by catering to your food related needs and offer a ride back home when you finally decide to make it out of their amazing office space.
6. Tommy, the Tumblr ‘intern’ can help you out, when you get stuck:
Tommy is an 11 year old Pomeranian that Tumblr adopted to keep around the office, who is referred to as their ‘intern’, and “When he is not showing off,” the staff says,”He’s busy coding. ”

7. You can play ping-pong!
Yep, that is just what Tumblr does for entertainment, which some of the employees are quite competitive about as well. “Two employees recently participated in a citywide tournament at the Standard hotel, where representatives from local companies competed. They placed second,” Bloomberg reports.

8. To those of you, who who need more than just a ping pong table and coffee to relieve stress, Tumblr has yoga every two weeks in their office, to help you connect with your inner zen self.

9. $1,000 Annual Charity Match:
If you are a Tumblr employee who donates to educational institutions of your choice or charitable organizations, Tumblr will contribute the same amount to upto $1,000 per year to charity.

You can see David Karp, CEO, Tumblr in the background.

10. Beer Breaks:
If coffee isn’t cutting it for you, you can go ahead and take a cold beer from the Kegarator in the Tumblr office. “Recent beer selections include Polestar Pilsner, Allagash White and Lost Tribes Shikra,” reports Bloomberg. “Meanwhile, a ‘kegbot’ tracks the temperature of the beer and how much is left,” says Katherine, “It also snaps a photo every time a beer is poured.”

11. The meeting rooms are very interestingly named after places in New York.

Ofcourse, there are other places throughout the office where impromtu meetings are organized everyday.

..and this one just happened in the kitchen itself.

12. The bookshelves have published book versions of blogs that got their start on the platform.

There are tumblrbots for signs on Bathroom doors.

The cabinets has googly eyes.

…and some computers do, too.

See the ancient computer on the right?That belongs to Justin, who is responsible for creating the Tumblr iPad app.

So, yeah, you can find this in their office, too.

Tumblr sends out a handful of the following t-shirts to a few of their 75 Million bloggers. These are restocked continuously as visitors are allowed to dig some of them, too.

All pictures belong to their rightful owners. 

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