6 reasons why every college student must intern abroad | Ready to...

6 reasons why every college student must intern abroad | Ready to pack your bags?



1. Being a twenty something is the best time to catch a ‘Travel Bug’:
So much has been spoken about traveling while you are young, and why not? The possibilities are endless and you have the least amount of things tying you down, when you are still in college figuring your way through life.
Even though you might be on a deeper level, physically and culturally immersed in the country you are a citizen of, there is absolutely a different kind of thrill and adrenaline rush in discovering a new place and culture. So, go out there and learn how to use chopsticks in Japan or pick up a British accent in London. The world is all yours to scale.

2. Go past the cliché:
Everyone does internships and part-time jobs locally. You don’t want to be part of the herd and get caught up in the rat-race. Aspire to stand out. Think out of the box and in this case, out of your country. Work experience looks good on any resume. You know what looks better? Work-experience that gave you a valuable insight into the work culture and industry of an unfamiliar country. You will be the first choice of any organization wanting to go global in the near future or which is already dealing with international clients and projects.

3. New additions to your professional network:
It is essential that as you build your career, you also build a circle of mentors, contacts and friends. The international internship experience will provide you the platform and opportunity to increase the diversity in your professional network with increase in people from a different country. This way, you not only get a supervisor and co-workers who’d be able to comment on your work ethic, skill sets and abilities , but they might also become a valuable contact for future reference and job hunting. .

4. The ‘living by yourself’ experience is worth it:
With an internship abroad, you get exposed to people who have a completely different belief system than your. You get to experience the culture and customs of a country as an outsider and adapt yourself accordingly. Initially, certain things might be difficult to get used to, especially food, but gradually you will gain more confidence, and the internship abroad will foster the growth in your independence and self reliance throughout your programme. It will empower you to take greater challenges head-on and risks in your future career.

5. Free development of ‘soft skills’:
Employers often complain that recent graduates often lack interpersonal or ‘soft skills’ -meaning they often find it difficult to interact with professional people in a work setting. The intern abroad programs will require you to walk upto people you don’t know, people who are from a ethnicity, This way you can overcome the cultural and language barriers to successfully camouflage in a global work environment. Most countries with internship programmes have English as their primary language, which means, by the end of your internship, you will have picked up the language yourself just by using it on a day-to-day basis. Easy, right?

5. Self-Discovery makes for a great story:
Just like any corporation, you need a strong brand and personal story that tells people who you are and why they would benefit from your association. This is particularly true from a professional perspective. An internship programme abroad will automatically push you outside your comfort zone. It will give you the opportunity to test a career path, give you interesting stories to share about the places you’ve been, the people you’ve met, the things your encountered, the difficulties your overcame, which when combined together goes a long way to prove that you’re up for anything and don’t mind going an extra mile to get a better career + personal life.

6. Because it’s more than just ‘something shiny’ on your Resume:
Still not convinced? Need one more reason to go? How about this one: It’s an experience you will always cherish. Living and working abroad is filled with exciting new sights, people and experiences. You will discover a new way of life, what you are capable of, discover places, cultures, cuisines, customs, and most importantly friends that you will have for a lifetime.




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