Intern Advice: Treat your internship like a really long interview

Intern Advice: Treat your internship like a really long interview



Ever wondered how you could convert a chance at an internship, into a full-time job? Here is the evidence – courtesy Jodi Senese, Executive Vice President and CMO at Outfront Media. Now, a big-time employer, Senese, in her recent interaction with CNBC, explained that an internship can become the job you’re looking for. Particularly relevant advice for all those current scouting for summer internships in 2017.

Jodi Senese, has built on her original ad agency internship over a career of 36 years, to now head a company with nearly 2,000 employees. A name in outdoor advertising, she brings her experience from Viacom and CBS to the table as well.

And what’s her take on it?

“Don’t just address an internship as a temporary thing, a transient opportunity that’s part of your path to a career somewhere else. Really treat it like an amazing opportunity and delve in”, she told CNBC. Always think of how you can build for the company and be a valuable team member.

Her advice to interns is to always keep thinking. From very early on, I was always iterating new ideas and new ways to do things.”To do this, you have to be aware, interested, and well-read, she says, which is why her go-to advice to interns is to stay up-to-date: “Make sure you read the newspaper, make sure you’re up on current events, make sure you know what’s going on in the world.”

And it pays. As it did in her case. In another interview, she explained how she was asked to stay on. Near the end of her stint, Jodi popped in to ask if her internship was over. She was told, “Why don’t you stay?”

And she did. For nine more years, till the man who brought her into outdoor advertising, William Apfelbaum, invited her to join TDI, as senior VP, Marketing. And onwards to her current position Outfront Media.

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