Intern Diaries: Be Persistent in Pushing Initiatives and Ideas

Intern Diaries: Be Persistent in Pushing Initiatives and Ideas

Intern Diaries: You alone create you trail, learned Rachit Jain during his internship in Flipkart. Here, he lists his experiences as a Flipkart intern.


Intern Diaries: Rachit Jain explains what he learned as a Flipkart Intern. (Rachit)
Intern Diaries: Rachit Jain explains what he learned as a Flipkart Intern. (Rachit)

The Ecommerce Retail space is heating up with mergers and acquisitions, leaving the space highly competitive and vying for customer attention. Flipkart, one of the domestic leaders in this space, is striving to wrestle control of and maintaining the number one retail store in India.

We had a chat with Rachit Jain, an intern with Flipkart about his experience of working with one of the biggest online brands. Here are excerpts from our chat with him, compiled in this month’s edition of intern diaries

Tell us a bit about your academic background.

I finished my schooling from DAV Public School in Gurgaon and then came to IIT Roorkee. Currently, I am in the final year of my course and am specialising in Electrical Engineering.

How did you get the Flipkart internship and how was the interview process?

The 'Flintern' - Flipkart Summer Internship program for 2016. (Linkedin)
The ‘Flintern’ – Flipkart Summer Internship program for 2016. (Linkedin)

We have a summer placement process in the third year of our course during which companies come to campus for recruitments. I was selected for the ‘Flintern’ program at Flipkart through this process.

As in a regular campus placement, we were given a programming test after which we were shortlisted based on the performance. A personal interview was conducted at a later stage which was also technical and included questions about programming. The internship was in the summer of 2016.

How was the internship experience itself? What kind of work did you do during the internship?

I worked on a completely new initiative at Flipkart – a subscription service, out of their Bangalore office.

Currently, the e-commerce website only has a regular buying process where customers pick the products and check out. However, customers buy a lot of products especially like beauty and grooming products which they reorder on a regular basis. The insight behind this service was that customers can get a no hassle subscription where they choose to get these products delivered on a regular basis with a simple buy in at the beginning.

I worked in a small team with another intern, the best thing was that I got to work both on the front end and back end of the service. New initiatives take time and a lot of thought process is put in the innovation.

You had mentioned you are an electrical engineering but this sounds like a different job profile? How did you manage it?

Although I am an electrical engineer I have experience in creating apps. In fact, I am a part of the IMG or Information Management Group here at IIT Roorkee. We take care of all the information portals at the college including website, placement portals, online notice boards et al.

My own creation is a mobile app called the Bunkometer, which allows a student to keep a real time track of their class attendance. Attendance can be a tough line to tie and this app ensures and sends reminders to students about keeping up with their attendance. It’s a big hit in college! This app also helped me in bagging my internship at Flipkart as it was discussed during the interview.

What were the major takeaways from the internship? What did you love about the internship?

Work culture at Flipkart. (Image: Rachit)
Work culture at Flipkart. (Image: Rachit)

The entire internship experience with Flipkart was great as such. Some of the key things that I realized were that –

Be persistent:

One needs to be persistent in pushing initiatives and ideas. A lot of ideas and thoughts can get filtered in groups and it’s important that you should not let go of your gut feeling.

Be Collaborative:

I learnt that social dynamics and workplace behaviour play an important part in office culture. It’s important to have a good rapport with work teams as real life situations are more collaborative as opposed to individual work in college

Find a mentor:

It is important to take feedback and keep your mentor in the loop. While the program at Flipkart is structured, it is important that one should constantly keep the mentor updated about your work as it makes an impact on your final presentations and internship report.

Flipkart takes care of its employee engagement seriously! Coming from a hostel environment, the fun work culture was a welcome change. I liked the office and meeting all kinds of talented folks at the office.

Any advice to those seeking internships in Flipkart or similar firms?


It is important to be updated with the latest technologies and there are a lot of online resources which one can follow right from online MOOCs to blog websites. Apart from your course of study, it is great to have other coding and programming skills as it will not only help you get an internship but also a job.

And most importantly remember to keep pushing to get your ideas through and get your work done.

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