Intern Diary: My Tryst With Times Internet Group

Intern Diary: My Tryst With Times Internet Group

Hear the story of Vani as she found an internship with Times Internet Group and worked her way to discover herself and how she wanted to fill here Intern diary.


Vani made Times Internet group a part of her intern diary.
Vani made Times Internet group a part of her intern diary.

Times Internet Group is the Mecca for all the budding writers and journalists. It is that one place you know you need to be to be taken seriously as a writer and that is what drove Vani to fill her intern diary with a fling with The Times Internet Group.

Tell us something about the company you interned for

“There is nothing left to say about Times Internet Group as people know enough about it already. I would just like to add that it is an amazing, fast-paced place to work in. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of it. I remember writing story snippets every day and feeling immensely satisfied with the kind of work I was doing.”

What were you looking for in an internship

“Honestly, I was just looking for something pretty to make my resume stand out. Having said that, I was still exploring myself as a writer and trying to determine my area of interest. I wanted to do something that would give me the opportunity to spread my wings, make me feel confident about myself and my writing and pave way for newer and better job opportunities.”

Would you recommend Letsintern to others? If yes, why?

“Yes, I will definitely recommend Letsintern to other,” quips in Vani who feels Letsintern is a perfect platform for students to search and apply for various internships.

In the end, do you have any tips for other students

“I just want to say that you should follow your heart and try your absolute best to make a career in the field you are interested in.”

Vani who confesses that for the longest time she struggled to identify what she wanted to do feels an internship is a good way to discover yourself.

“You get to know what you like and what you dislike and whether you can spend eight to nine hours everyday on something or not.”

An internship can prep you up to take on higher responsibilities and be job ready. Vani advises using this opportunity to discover one’s own self.

Vani, struggling with the idea of identity and juggling with being job ready is someone to look up to.

You too can write your own success story by choosing the internship that helps you grow as a person and teaches you the practical aspect of life. From virtual internships to summer internships, you can choose any to write your own success story.

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