Thinking of International Internships? Work with AIESEC

Thinking of International Internships? Work with AIESEC

Consider international internships: These all-expenses-paid junkets with sizeable work experience are work points you need on a 5-star intern resume.


Looking for international internships? Then consider one at AIESEC.
Looking for international internships? Then consider one at AIESEC.

Believe that the wings for your dream career can only flutter on a global scale? Then you’re not alone. With more exposure to global universities and NRI dreams, students are only asking for the logical step forward – international internships.

International Internships – What are they all about?

An internship is a career opportunity to gain work experience, while you’re still studying, at a sweet stipend or without. An international one happens when you get a global opportunity, usually with a high-ranking corporate organisation or NGO program. Big financial consultants, international-run NGOs, large-scale companies, embassies and a few select brands offer these limited chances, though the work extracted from you would be well worth it.

Among high-ticket opportunities, International Internships count at the top of the pedestal, followed by high-value brands and PSU opportunities. The gains are immense – travelling abroad (usually on an all-expenses-paid junket), sizeable work experience, resume building points and an opportunity to convert the same into a regular job.

International Internships with AIESEC

Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (now known by the acronym AIESEC) is a youth-run platform which aims at developing leadership qualities on worldwide issues.

AIESEC has been known as a distinct platform for facilitating global internships and had offered such opportunities over the last year in locations like Russia, Turkey and Egypt. The current of international internships with the organisation are for Info-Tech positions in the Asia-Pacific region.


AIESEC Internship Details:

The organisation is currently looking for Information Technology Project Managers who can help in software development projects and managing content for the official website. The project will be a paid internship (with a stipend between Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000), lasting 213 days.

There are eight available positions.

Who are they looking for:

Competence in Computer Science skills will rule the roost for the final intern chosen for this opportunity with AIESEC. They need someone who can write testable and efficient code, integrate data on both front-end and back-end databases and know HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Angular JS, Node JS and APIs.

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