“Interns Bring a Fresh Perspective.” | Abhishek Vyas, Star India, on the...

“Interns Bring a Fresh Perspective.” | Abhishek Vyas, Star India, on the advantages of internships.


star-tvStar India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest TV channel conglomerates in India, with 33 channels and a weekly viewership of over 400 million across the country. They also happen to be one of our prized clients and have been associated with us since our inception.

Abhishek Vyas, from the marketing department of Star India, has worked with and mentored many interns. He shares with us his views on internships, how they benefit students, and pointers for students to keep in mind when applying for an internship.


Q) What do you think about the internship scenario in the country?

A) Internships benefit both employers and employees. For the interns, it gives them good exposure at the student level. For employers, they get fresh minds with a different outlook towards life and a fresher perspective on doing things.

Q) What do you look in interns before hiring them?

A) It varies from intern to intern. Interns are generally involved in basic stuff, unlike the mid-level and high-level executives who are into strategic planning. There are certain things that the interns should have. For starters, they should know how to get the work done. Secondly, they should have basic communication, inter-personal and presentation skills.

Q) How do interns benefit the organization?

A) Interns are fresh minds – still in college and beginning to get exposed to the real world. They are tech-savvy and since most of an organization’s work happens on a digital platform, they add value to the company.

Q) How has your experience been with the interns you’ve hired so far?

A) It’s been good. Initially, we have to invest time and energy into training them, but once that’s done the output is great. They are street smart and fast learners.

Q) Any advice to the students applying for internships?

A) Students should have a clear idea of what job they’re applying for, and what their role will be. Also, they should be well read about the industry and company they want to work in.

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