Internship Cue: How To Stay In Touch After Your Summer Internship

Internship Cue: How To Stay In Touch After Your Summer Internship

Learn and practice these easy ways to stay in touch even after you are done with your Summer Internship.


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This is the season when you bid adieu to your summer internship. Some sign off with their summer internship and continue with their semesters, some go and hunt for winter internships. Paid or unpaid, your summer internship can be a smart way to widen your network web. It can also be used for future reference whenever you score a job or for higher studies. Therefore, let us manoeuvre your career into the right direction. It can be done with the right kind of network. So, below are a few ways that you can use to stay in touch after you are done with your internship.

1. The godly web of Social Media

Social media platforms are the best way to keep yourself updated about events, fairs, meet-ups relevant to your interests. Follow a company(s) you would like to work with on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to state your interest. Create your website, make yourself present on these platforms as it is easier for people to connect.

2. Note The Important Days

Everybody loves a birthday call! You can maintain that trail of connection if you decide to connect with your colleagues on their birthdays or anniversaries.

3. Send A Thank You Note

Once you have wrapped up your summer internship and are to leave the nest for future endeavours, make sure you leave a thank you note for everyone who helped you. And handwritten notes shall be preferred.

4. Keep Your Interaction Digital

For example, you read something about a business idea and you feel your mentor/ ABC colleague should be told, give them a digital holler! Remember to send then useful links to websites and you are sorted.

Networking means to involve the right kind of people and opportunities at the right time. It is not something that should be done when you are almost done with your summer internship, but the first-day itself.

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