Internship Hacks: A Dummy’s Guide To Be Professional

Internship Hacks: A Dummy’s Guide To Be Professional

Use these internship hacks to ace your next internship and initiate a successful beginning of your dream career!


Internship Hacks: The professional silhouette (LinkedIn)
Internship Hacks: The professional silhouette (LinkedIn)

‘Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by followers who don’t have anything to say’

Doesn’t that make perfect sense? What do the terms ‘professional’ and ‘professionalism’ even mean to you? The twisted ideas I had relating to professionalism have been washed away, ever since I landed on a job. No, college life can’t teach you the kind of professionalism these celebrated professionals seek! You can learn it only when you experience it. And internships are the easiest way to dip your feet in the professional waters! Let us give you a few tips to don the Professional Cape.

Imagine yourself flying in a commercial aeroplane and visualise the part where the weather is not so pleasant and your life might be in danger, what will you do if the pilot says, “we are trying to solve this problem, have patience”. None on that plane would call that dummy a professional. Right? The foremost thing you need to be a professional is confidence.

Dress Like A Professional

It is your wish how you want to look while you are going to the office, but keep in mind a few things. Make sure you have tidy, crisp clothes. Wear neat and clean clothes. Teensy details matter as well. If you are wearing sandals, make sure your feet are pedicured and clean. Keep your sleeves, socks and shoes tidy.

Breathe Professionalism All Day

If you want to be taken seriously, show up on time. Respect time; yours and others as well. Treat deadlines with respect and meet them on time. Apologise if you are late for a meeting. Act business all the time; you won’t want to put up your feet on the table while you are working!

Hone Your Communication Skills

Communication skills classify you as a professional. Know how to communicate and make sure your message is put across thoroughly. Hone your written and spoken skills. Know how to chit-chat with different groups of people. Not only you should have impeccable verbal skills, make sure you have your ‘paper-work’ done perfectly.

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Acknowledge all that makes you feel gratified. Say thank you and say it more often. Respect other people and value their work; whatever it is.

With these tips at your internship, you can learn how to up your employability skills and be a true professional who is ready to dive into the professional pool!

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