‘Internship in Yearbook Canvas made me pull up my socks’

‘Internship in Yearbook Canvas made me pull up my socks’

Meet Arjit Bhardwaj, fresh off his experience on a campus ambassador internship in Yearbook Canvas. This is why you should consider one too.


Looking for an internship experience worth having? Consider internships in Yearbook Canvas.
Looking for an internship worth having? Consider internships in Yearbook Canvas.

Meet Arjit Bhardwaj, an aspiring candidate for a managerial position in the near future. Right now, he’s fresh off his experience on a campus ambassador internship in Yearbook Canvas. He explains his internship journey through the LetsIntern portal, his learnings on the job and how it will lead him on to his career goals.

Meet the candidate:

Bhardwaj, a third-year student from the Meerut Institute of Technology (B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering), aims to build a career in management. “I want to develop innovative ideas for people belonging to the weaker sections of the society, to help them improve their educational and financial status.”

What was he looking for in an internship?

For Bhardwaj, an internship is likened to a test, which determines how talented or keen you’re towards learning. Someone who applies for at least 3-4 internships on a daily basis, he finally found the right one for himself as part of a Campus Ambassador internship in YearBook Canvas.

The Internship Experience

“I had applied online through a Google form for my internship at Yearbook Canvas as a campus ambassador. After getting shortlisted for the position, a telephonic interview was conducted.” After that, he received a confirmation and started working for them from mid-October, 2016.

We quizzed him about his internship journey and this is what he had to say.

“I felt really lucky to be a part of this internship.”

“The first step was an orientation session for all interns – after I was added to the common group of interns made by the marketing manager of the company.”

“We were assigned different tasks every month. We had to complete them within a given time period mentioned on that task. These tasks were both offline and online.”

“As time went by, I didn’t even realise that we were on the last part of it. I was also awarded a title for the best ambassador of the month at the end of the internship.

What did you learn from your internship experience?

“I originally thought that this a normal internship just as many other students think. It wasn’t. When I saw students from IIM’s and all the other tier-1 colleges of India, as my co-ambassadors, I pulled up my socks and started working harder. I learned that the most important thing in this internship is that your rise to the top is determined by how hard you’re willing to try for it. I learned how to compete in different situations.”

Has it also helped him become more ‘ready’ for the job market?

“You have to compete for a better future in the corporate world. After my internship experience, I feel ready to get into this world, with my eyes on the target and an in-built confidence.”

Working with LetsIntern

Bhardwaj had found this internship through the LetsIntern portal, though it was not the first one he had applied for. “I must say if you are a fresher, then you should apply for 6-7 internships to get shortlisted for one or two. I used to apply for 5-6  in the beginning, coming down to 3-4, where I was shortlisted for all of them and chose the one which I found best.”

In fact, he has maintained his relationship with LetsIntern for over a  year. He has used it to take up internships from time to time.

“My whole journey goes smoothly throughout the year and I have added reflective things in my personality through the portal.”

He concedes that the best thing about the internship portal are the fast replies he receives from employers here.

In the end, do you have any tips that can help other students in getting a good internship?

Research whichever internship you’re applying for, he said. “Always have knowledge about the company you are applying in. Be straight forward and passionate towards your goal and answer your interviews with logical answers.”

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