Internship Interview: Interview Tips To Avoid The Last Minute Jitters

Internship Interview: Interview Tips To Avoid The Last Minute Jitters

Nervous about the upcoming internship interview? Here are a few interview tips on how to avoid the last minute jitters and give the interview your best.


Tips to be walk in more confidently during an Internship interview.
Tips to be walk in more confidently during an Internship interview.

Interviews can give even the best of us jitters. So, if you feel like you can’t think straight or that your mouth feels too dry before an internship interview, then you are not alone in feeling so. However, while it is only natural to be so nervous, this nervousness won’t get you anywhere. As such, you should keep these interview tips handy to avoid the last minute jitters.

Prepare in front of the mirror

Internship interviews require you to prepare and practice. A good way to know how you are presenting yourself would be to practice in front of the mirror. You can take up common interview questions and practice the answer to it in front of the mirror. Keep an eye on your facial expressions and try to smile more and look warmer as you give the answers.

Take help from online portals

Practicing in front of the mirror can help you immensely and can allow you to correct your mistakes as you see them. However, given the fact that you are no professional yourself who knows the ins and outs of interviews, it would be better to seek help from online portals to know what are these mistakes you need to correct in the first place.

You might think you don’t look too stiff or you are smiling enough or looking straight. However, the truth might be further away from it. Online portals like MockAi can really come to your rescue and guide you in the right direction and ease away your interview jitters as you feel more prepared.

Read up on the company and the profile

Reading up on the company and the internship profile can help you feel confident. As you know more about the company and the profile, there are fewer things out there which will be completely unknown or out of your grasp. Doing your homework thoroughly can help you feel so much more confident and put you in command of the situation.

In fact, if you do do your homework properly, you might even look forward to the internship interview and be all set to impress the interviewer. And, reading up on the company and the profile will obviously add tons to your answers and improve the quality of the interview and ultimately pitch you as the ideal candidate for the job.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer

A big part of an internship interview or any interview for that matter is the questions you ask the interviewer in return. Whether it be a full-time internship opportunity, a part-time one or a winter internship, you should be prepared with your own set of questions that will tell the interviewer that you are really interested in the profile.

Most interviewers expect you to ask them a few questions towards the end of the interview, and it will give you a lot of confidence to have those questions prepared and in hand. This will also reduce your chances of going in the panic mode as the question “do you have any questions for me/us” is thrown in your direction.

While an internship interview sure is scary and the nervousness can guide you to achieve exceptional feats, it will be a thousand times better to put your best foot forward and not give in to nervous jitters. So, follow these interview tips to make the best of the situation.