Internship of the week | Food Scientist and Nutritionist

Internship of the week | Food Scientist and Nutritionist

Put your gourmand soul to work and earn money and satisfaction by applying to our internship of the week - the role of a Food Scientist and Nutritionist.


Odd internship
Food Scientist internships (tastymatters)

Is food your ultimate ‘fidget spinner’? Do you seek comfort in hogging pounds of consumable stuff? Is food really your BAE? Do you find it enticing when you count calories in your food? Well, then you might love to be a food scientist. Food Scientists use their extensive knowledge to study food, it’s quality and nutritional value. So, if this seems like an edible opportunity, apply to the odd internship of the week as a Food Scientist and Nutritionist.

Internship Details

So, what did we pick as the internship of the week? Kinder Nutrifarm is looking for enthusiastic interns who can very well execute the role of a food technologist and nutritionist.

Location: Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur

Duration: 9th June 2017 – 29th July 2017 (50 Days)

Stipend: Rs. 5000-10000

Application Deadline: 17th June 2017

No: of positions: 1


Odd internship
The science of food (vogel)

Product development: 2 to 5 years Baby food.

  • Identify baby food recipes available on various websites, college and research institutes (Home science college).
  • Compile baby food recipes available on various websites
  • Identify nutritional value of the recipes
  • Make products in lab
  • Develop training material on child nutrition

Product development: 2 to 5 years Baby food.

  • Identify the products available in market for baby food
  • Identify each product, their market turnover, price, SKU details
  • Conduct survey of raw material availability


About Kinder NutriFarm


Kinder nutrifarm is a child nutrition company that develops nutritious food for kids. They develop Nutraceutical and food solutions to make tiny hands stronger through innovative food solutions. Kinder Nutrifarm also aims at creating awareness about child nutrition by emphasising the importance of healthy feeding among parents so as to make kids healthy, nourish children and fighting against the micronutrient deficiencies at kinder stages.

If this lucrative opportunity drives you enough to help all the toddlers, apply to this odd internship. If you have any queries or suggestions, kindly comment. You might also like:

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