My internship story: “I not only had a very memorable experience but...

My internship story: “I not only had a very memorable experience but learnt the most valuable lessons.”


“I read about on my college notice board and decided to register on the platform. The very same evening I started searching for internship opportunities I could benefit from, when I came across an interesting internship opportunity with Destiny Careers. When I noticed the ‘last date to apply’ I was momentarily disheartened. Turns out, I had missed the deadline to apply by just a day. When I discussed about this further with my mom, she encouraged me to go ahead and take a chance as there might be a slight chance that they that they’d consider my application. I filled in all the details and after a couple of days was pleasantly surprised to find myself shortlisted for the said opportunity followed by an interview that was scheduled later for me by the company.

I was extremely nervous before my telephonic interview as I paced up and down in my room deciding what to say, how to say it and preparing the general questions that came to mind. At about quarter past one, I received a call from the employer – Mr. Sanjeev Choudhary. He was very patient and had me at ease with his calm way of talking. I told him about myself and answered every question with vigor and confidence. He asked me to write an article so as to get an idea about my style of writing, language which I sent him within a specific timeline. The next thing I knew, I had bagged the much-desired internship opportunity with them.

As an intern at Destiny Careers, I was assigned my first article to be written wherein I was given the liberty to choose the topic and discuss it with my employer. He encouraged me to go for something out of the box, something that was unconventional and yet capable of leaving an impact and I finally found the one topic on which both of us agreed. After I was done, the article was accepted with minor changes.

And so, it went on.  My employer never forced me to write an article with the sword of ‘deadline’ hanging over my head. He was considerate enough to give me enough time and freedom to work at my own speed. He calmly explained to me what exactly he expected as I tried hard to give my best shot to everything I worked upon. This got me into a habit of striving for perfection which I still very dutifully stick to following.

I was really happy to find that Destiny Careers was featured on The Straits Times and soon one of my articles were up on the company’s website. I, also received a freelancing opportunity from the company for the next three months which certainly reflected my progress somewhere. I gladly accepted their offer and a turned a new page in the chapter of life.

I not only had a very memorable experience as an intern at Destiny Careers but also learnt the most valuable lessons here. My time here not only taught me how quality was more important than quantity but also went at great lengths to make me a better person. I became more patient and understood how there was no substitute for hard work. I really thank my employer for spotting the potential in me giving me an opportunity to work with them.”

Srushti Govilkar is an aspiring writer and blogger from Ahmedabad.

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