Internship Tips: Are Unpaid Internships Actually Worth It

Internship Tips: Are Unpaid Internships Actually Worth It


Internship tipsInternships, whether paid or unpaid can add a lot to your career and set the stage for initial success. The foremost of all the internship tips is to go for an internship that would help you advance your career, irrespective of the pay. However, despite all the internship tips and its popularity, unpaid internships have a poor reputation which mainly arises from the many unanswered questions it brings in its wake.

As such, if you too are wondering that are unpaid internships worth it, then you are not alone. And, in this article, we will try to look at what exactly makes people question the value of unpaid internships (cons) and what are its pros.

Unpaid internships cons

No monetary reward for hard work

Somehow, we all have been conditioned in such a way where we value a thing or a job by its monetary benefits. If the job pays well, it is worth it. If it doesn’t pay well, then not so much. The same goes for internships too. Except that with unpaid internships, it almost like free labour; something which most interns would detest.

Can set you back financially

 If you have to travel to and fro for your internship, then it might set you back financially. As such, one of the most important internship tips that you should keep in mind is, is the unpaid internship worth it and is your pocket ready to take such a financial hit?

If the answer is yes, then go ahead with it otherwise choose a more financially stable option.

Can add to your workload

Another of the important internship tips that you must keep in mind is whether you are ready for an unpaid internship or not. If you already have too much in your plate, then an internship can add to your workload and burden you further.

It can also hamper your academic performance if you are unable to use your time judiciously. So, before you take on any opportunity, ensure that you will be able to balance it.

Pros of unpaid internships

Easily available

Unpaid internships are very similar to a volunteering opportunity and can be more easily available. They can help you find your footing in the sector you want and give you an opportunity to prove yourself.

Many companies, even big brands, are more accepting of unpaid interns and such an experience can do wonders for your career.

Offers real-world experience

Of course, you might have gone through a lot of internship tips talking about the importance of the real world experience. Knowing how the job market functions, what are the duties you can expect from a job and just hands-on experience of working in a professional environment can help you in the long run.

You might know your college coursework by heart but only an internship can open your eyes to how the real world functions and how it is different from everything you might have experienced so far. They can give you a career edge like nothing else can. 

Make your resume glamorous

Unpaid internships or just internships can look exceedingly good on your resume and pitch you as a great candidate. Internships can make your job resume seem more well-rounded and tell the recruiters how you are skilled, experienced and just ready for the job opportunity.

Internships can really give your resume an edge and help you leave your competitors behind. To understand how it does that, read, “how does a successful internship impact your job resume.”

Help you expand your network

Another of the super important internship tips is networking. Networking can be beneficial for you now and even in the future. Networking can help you hear about job opportunities you might stay unfamiliar with otherwise and help you gain valuable insight on how to do better in your career.

And, an unpaid internship can help you expand your network and you can reap in the many benefits of it for years to come.


So, these were the pros and cons of unpaid internships with a good dose of some healthy internship tips. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want to opt for unpaid internships or not. And, whatever your decision might be, the numerous internships featured on the LetsIntern portal will welcome you with open arms.