Internship Tips: Are you too consumed with your career?

Internship Tips: Are you too consumed with your career?

Follow these internships tips if your pre-career gig i.e your internship is rendering all its havoc on you!


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Imagine you are a happy-go-lucky college student leading your college life. One day, you see yourself in an office where you share a seat at a table with 4 other college students learning the art of professionalism. Your internship is an opportunity of having a long, steady chance in the industry you aim to work in. For this opportunity to reap the right kind of results you work hard, give your 100 percent. At times, many people find themselves giving away way too much and that is when it is time to analyse stuff.

Internship: Is Your Future Career Eating You?

Your practical experience at your respective internship is going to serve you a lot in your future work related endeavours. However, as interns are the ‘free’ resource, many find themselves failing to get the best of it. The key here is to find the optimum. Balancing it out is the solution to avoid your career taking a toll on you while you are just simulating what could be your future career.

Below are a few internship tips that can be used in order to avoid the internship take a toll on your life. After all, a career is not a long-lasting steady run rather series of sprints with n number of pauses.

1. Health Is Wealth, Actually!

A good day is when your mind, body and soul feel energetic. For you to have productive days at your internship, you need to set your health a priority. Forget everything, eat healthy, sleep well and exercise a little to get your blood flowing.

2. Test The Waters

An internship is the best way to test yourself and the field that you wish to build a career in. You should make the most of your internship even if you feel exhausted and totally done. Think about the positive aspects of your burnout. Those ways you won’t feel that your prospective career is eating you up!

3. Set Weekly Targets

One of the trickiest ways to handle any situation is to take it in bits and pieces. Treat your internship like a long task that you have to accomplish in bits and pieces. Take that internship one day at a time. Set daily and weekly targets and approach them fun challenges.

4. Be Self-ish

Just look at the word; selfish. Although people attach a negative connotation to this word it but being selfish means that the person is aware of their self and is sensitive to it. After all, only you can please yourself and know what is correct for your career. At your internship, you should strive to learn as much as you can, maintain a balance and remember to reward yourself whenever the results are such. Be aware of your self and your aims, rest everything follows.

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