How Does A Successful Internship Impact Your Job Resume

How Does A Successful Internship Impact Your Job Resume


Successful internshipsInternships have always been an integral part of the college curriculum. Successful internships are often considered the key to successful careers ahead. That is the reason why many students decide to put their winter and summer breaks to good use and earn some internship points in the meantime. However, how does a successful internship really affect your career and what impact does it have on your job resume?

Says you are job ready

The most complaint that recruiters have with freshers is that they are not job ready. As in, while they possess the necessary skills, they don’t know how to employ those skills to practical use. Also, most candidates seeking a fresher job have little problem-solving skills, something that only comes with experience and when you are put in an environment that challenges you to do better.

However, a successful internship tells the recruiter that you have seen the life of a corporate world and are ready to take up a new opportunity.

Focuses on your skills-set

When you are drafting your job resume, you can let your college marks take the limelight or have your skills-set speak for you. A successful internship does the job of bringing your skills to the limelight and gives you a chance to recommend yourself to the recruiters on the basis of it.

So, when you talk about your internship in your job resume, try and focus on what you have achieved and the skills you have acquired instead of just focusing on the job description. A brief analysis of your work can put you in a better position of getting the job you desire.

Active and enthusiastic

Very few people, when they are still in college, realise that they should have at least one successful internship in their kitty to back them up. As such, they lose out on the golden opportunity to leave their peers behind and get ahead in their career.

However, that means that people who do realise the importance of a successful internship and spend their free time making the most of it are looked at with admiration by the recruiters. It also tells them that you are active and enthusiastic about your work and career – both things that can definitely work to make your job resume attractive.

Eager learner

Recruiters look for candidates who are eager to learn and grow. It is one of the soft-skills that is highly valued everywhere but something that candidates often find difficult to express through their job resume.

However, if you word your ideas properly, then you can portray your successful internship venture as a great learning opportunity and build a reputation of being an ‘eager learner’ for yourself. This will obviously mean that you will have to focus on telling the recruiters what how you went out of your way to learn something in the job and how you were always keen to know more.

Makes your resume stand out

In a horde of fresher resumes where most people have little to no experience to speak for them, a successful internship can really make you stand out.

While of course, you will still be considered a fresher and be eligible for those jobs only, you would still stand a higher chance of getting selected for them as you would have your skills and experience to back you up.


A successful internship doesn’t always mean that the internship offer should be followed by the opportunity of a full-time job in the same company. If you have learnt in the internship, acquired the necessary skills-set and are more confident of yourself, then you are sorted. However, you need to ensure that these qualities are also reflected in your job resume.

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