Steps You Can Take To Land A Good Internship This Summer

Steps You Can Take To Land A Good Internship This Summer


good internshipsgood internshipsOne of the most frustrating task that most of us face while still in college is how to land a good internship?! While of course, Google can introduce you to a lot of internships in town, it is actually finding the right one and then proving yourself worthy enough to be hired is the real task. So, how do you exactly go about it to land a good internship? займы денежные без процентов

Get searching and researching

Research on the companies you want to be a part of – the qualities they look for an intern, their hiring process if there is any internship opening etc.

Also, do research on what are the options available for your field and interest and how you can go about the whole thing. Make a note of all the information you can find so that you are able to access it easily later on and are able to apply for internships accordingly.

Get in touch with teachers and seniors

Now that you are clear on what you want, get in touch with your college seniors and professors about it. Ask them for their help and guidance.

If your seniors are already working somewhere, then they can help you hear about the internship opening or refer you for the same. Similarly, your teachers can put you in touch with someone from the field to help you through or guide you along to help you land a good internship.

Basically, try and network to make the most of every opportunity coming your way.

Put in some extensive efforts

You cannot rely on your network alone to help you through and guide and bring you to a good internship. You need to be pro-active about the whole process and try and find some good internships on your own that would interest you and help you further your career.

Searching for internships online can be a great way to go through things. LetsIntern in one portal that hosts a lot of good internships which you can apply for very easily. So, check it out, see which are the internships that interest you, what are their requirements and then start applying.

You can also use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to your advantage here. You can get in touch with recruiters, expand your network or directly apply for internships through these channels too.

Have a winning resume

Your internship resume needs to hit all the right notes to grab the attention of the recruiters and help you land the internship of your choice. So, pay special attention to how you compose your internship resume.

Start with a great resume objective and move to focusing on achievements and skills. Highlight the points which you think will recommend you to the job. Similarly, try and put things in bullet points so that you are able to fit a lot more in lesser space and it is easier to browse through your resume.

Be passionate

Yes, GPA and CGPA count for a lot, but you need to be passionate about what you want and what you are doing to be able to land a good internship. You should be passionate enough to want to improve and better yourself at every step.

And, your passionate should reflect on whatever you do and should be communicated accordingly to the recruiter. To highlight your passion in a more professional way, you can talk about your side projects in the resume and/or during the internship interview.


Landing a good internship during the summers requires you to make clear and conscious efforts to get where you want to be. Also, you should not be scared to ask for help and build a network for yourself.