Internships In Mondelēz | Eat, Breathe, Steal, Smell and Sell Chocolates

Internships In Mondelēz | Eat, Breathe, Steal, Smell and Sell Chocolates

Big, dark and rich-- that's how I take my chocolates! If you do too, apply for Internships In Mondelēz!


Internship In Mondelez
Carpe Cocoa! (Blogger)

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”
― Jo Brand

You see, that’s the thing about chocolate! As a child, each one of us has yearned for a real trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Every child dreams of the delusion of an actual chocolate river. We all imagined eating daily things made of chocolate and of course an unlimited lifetime supply of chocolates! Well, as adults we all realise none of this can be true. But, here we have Mondelēz International, making all our dreams become chocolaty! Here they are with fabulous internships– just around chocolates!

Craving for these Internships in Mondelēz? The second-best part is that they have three Internship Programs!

Taste Success With iTaste

Consider iTaste, the regional entry talent program of Mondelēz International. Through the iTaste program, the company seeks the most promising graduate students in campuses across the country and expose them to real business schemes & see upfront how a global business works. You get a big canvas to grow and develop into a leader.

PERK: You Will Be Called an iTaster! 😀

They Offer Their Internships In Three Flavours

iTaste management trainee program: recruits from premier management campuses across the country for Sales and Marketing, Integrated Supply Chain, Human Resources and Corporate Finance. The objective of this program is to ensure high-quality entry talent feed and build for leadership roles.

iTaste Technical program: recruits budding engineers from IIT’s and Food Science Graduates from leading food science and technology universities. The objective of the program is to build specialist talent feed for the Technical Functions.

iTaste Summer Internship Program: The iTaste summer internship program seeks to engage talent from both Technical and Management campuses to intern on live projects of strategic relevance to Mondelēz International.


  • The iTaste program in India begins with a 2-day outbound program that includes icebreakers, team activities and a short film project.
    -The objective here is to bring all the management trainees together to break the ice.
  • iTasters undergo a cross-functional Business Induction in a business case format which gives them an opportunity to interact with Senior Management and share their views and opinions.
    -The Induction included Factory visit, S & T Visit, Market Visit & Cocoa.
  • The iTaste induction concludes with the graduation ceremony of the previous year’s batch. iTasters from the incoming and outgoing batch meet and celebrate
    -The Board Of Management felicitates the outgoing batch and welcomes the incoming batch.

At the end of the business induction stage, iTasters go through a rigorous training period of 1 year which has a mix of shadow and delivery stints that provide a unique first-hand experience of the exciting brands, consumers, customers, processes, etc that help launch you as their next gen leader.

Other than being a Chocoholic, Mondelēz International appreciates:

  • Cognitive diversity – people from different backgrounds like engineering, food science, agriculture degree, Arts etc
  • Those who demonstrate values at the core of who we are and how we function
  • And a strong representation of Women, who also represents our consumer base

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