Interview Horror Stories | 13 Hiring Managers share their worst interview experiences.

Interview Horror Stories | 13 Hiring Managers share their worst interview experiences.


Ask-clever-questions-during-job-interview1. “This was an interview for one of our offices about 4-5 hours away. We were having the interview by phone. Her resume said she speaks French. So do I. The interview went well up until I transitioned into French. There was a very long, uncomfortable silence before we exchanged pleasantries and hung up.”

2. “[Did] a Skype interview and all goes very well. Fly the candidate in for a second round panel interview….different guy shows up.”

3. “Hiring for a staff writer position. One guy put down 15+ years of writing experience so we invite him in. He was much younger than we expected. Dude was counting all of his “writing” experience from kindergarten through high school. He responded to every question with a cringe-worthy laugh and requested to answer most questions via an email the next day. All we got was a generic follow up about how he’s confident he would be a great asset to our team.”

4. “A young applicant said he had a Master’s Degree from Yale in music. I asked him how he liked performing in Woolsey Hall (Yale’s main auditorium with large pipe organ). His face flushed, as he replied that he “had never heard of it.””

5. “I work in video production. Years ago, my boss got a resume and demo reel with some really nice work on it… that he had produced. Apparently, the applicant just recorded commercials and other stuff off the TV and created his own “demo reel.” If I remember correctly, my boss brought him in for an interview and set him straight.”

6. “My first management job in IT, it was around 2001 or so. Hiring a general Windows/Solaris sysadmin. One guy comes in with a HUUUGE backpack. Do the interview, he’s clearly on the spectrum, but I like him OK. Pretty smart, functional. As he’s leaving, I casually ask, “What’s in your bag?” He then explains that it’s mostly O’Reilly books that he brings to all his interviews so he can prove people wrong if he needs to.”

7. “When asked about strengths and weaknesses, the candidate replied “I crave KFC and often get myself a bargain bucket.” I just didn’t know what to say next, let alone whether they considered it a strength or a weakness.”

8. “We had a manager who did phone interviews. She calls one candidate who answers “Oh thank god, an Australian. I’m so sick of speaking to Asian’s”. This manager was Asian.”

9. “Not during the interview, but I had a candidate send me a thank you note from an email address that started “easyskanking420”. This was for a finance position.”10. “When asked about experience with Source Control Software, the guy we interviewed said “I’ve actually written a song about it” and before we could stop him he started singing it.”11. “I introduced myself to the candidate, “Hello, I am John Smith.” She responded “No, you’re not. You’re Tom Brown.” I spent the next few minutes trying to convince her I was John Smith. I finally took my driver’s license out and proved who I was. Did not hire.”
12. “Before I had even asked the guy to sit down he said, “Yes, this seems like a nice place to work. When do I start?” I like confidence in a potential employee but there’s no need to be cocky.”13. “I was on an interview committee for an IT position, and I had shaggy, long-ish hair at the time. This kid comes in, has a pretty terrible interview, but he’s confident the whole time. When we asked him if he had any questions or comments, he looked at me and said:”I came in and saw your hair, and I can’t believe they actually hire people like you.”He was probably nervous, and I think his intention was to say that he’s glad we don’t just hire the typical professional looking type. Unfortunately for him, it did not come off that way.”This article has been adapted from this thread on reddit.You should also check out:
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