Interview Tips: Handling Tricky Internship Questions

Interview Tips: Handling Tricky Internship Questions

If the interviewer is smart, you be smarter. Keep few interview tips up your sleeves to know how to react to tricky and tight situations.


Know how to handle tricky interview questions to nail the interview.
Know how to handle tricky interview questions to nail the interview.

It seems like interviewers seem to drive pleasure out of putting you in sticky spots. Doesn’t it? Maybe they do or maybe the tricky questions asked during an Internship interview are there to judge you in more ways than you can think of at that particular point in time. To handle these questions, you need certain interview tips up your sleeves.

One of the tricky questions that seems to be a favourite of the interviewers is:

Tell me a joke

What? I am sure that is how you want to react every time an interviewer asks you this. You want to ask him, “Really? What are you thinking? I am here for an interview, not to tell jokes.”

You might even find it hard to work around that question at that moment. You might feel all the interview tips failing you. You are nervous enough as it is, and a demand of telling a joke (an actual joke) might put you off balance. However, don’t let the question get to you because that is exactly what the interviewer wants to do to you. He wants to get in your head and see how you will react to tricky situations.

You might think the question is completely out of context, but it is not. It tells the interviewer everything he wants to know about you, including whether you are a good investment or not.

How to handle such questions

Don’t go mum. That is the first thing you need to remember while answering such questions. Say anything, tell any joke. Make a joke off the top of your head if need be. Most of the time the interviewer won’t even be focusing on the joke. The CEO of, Robin Richards says that,

“Seven out of ten can’t recall a clean joke, and others have a tough time with delivery. I like to see that they can think on their feet.”

The interviewer just wants to know how you will react in a high-pressure situation. Give them a confident answer, for the interviewer will most likely be noting down your reaction to the question.

Internship interviews can be a little tricky, so you need to be prepared. If the interviewer is smart, you can stay a step ahead and answer all questions thrown at you confidently. If you are still unsure as to how to prepare for an interview, then check our Letsintern interview section.

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