What does your College Major say about your IQ?

What does your College Major say about your IQ?


What is IQ or intelligence quotient?
An intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. While IQ measures raw intelligence, it doesn’t evaluate the ability to interact well with others, skills or knowledge. Someone can have an average IQ but years of experience in a particular skill or subject.

StatisticsBrain used numbers collected from Educational Testing Services of SAT scores of students across 57 chosen majors in the U.S. Then the average SAT scores were compared against one another to compile a list of the average IQ of the typical student in a particular major.

Below is a chart of the 20 college majors with the highest average IQ. Keep in mind that to succeed well in the workplace, one needs intelligence, interpersonal skills and expertise – and IQ is only an indicator of intelligence.

Want to see if your IQ is higher than the estimated average of your college major? Try the Mensa Workout!
(Please note that this IQ test is only for fun and will not qualify you for a Mensa membership.)

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