Is It Fine To Do Internship Program In A Profile Different To...

Is It Fine To Do Internship Program In A Profile Different To Your Course Stream

Worried if doing an internship in a different profile than your course is a step in the right direction? We give you 4 reasons why it’s an awesome idea


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An internship program has two goals – 1). To introduce the students to the careers related to their academic course, and 2). To give them work experience and the exposure of a real organization.

Most students are focused on the first goal, of gaining an experience in the profiles related to their courses.

And if students don’t get a role of their choice, they are worried and concerned about how it will reflect on their resume.

While those fears seem real, they are not facts and there are many more reasons why you should actually consider interning in a different profile.

 Let’s look at a few of them;

  1. You have the opportunity of experimenting with different roles

Any industry is moving at such breakneck speeds that different roles are being created every year.

In such a scenario broad-based academic courses like ‘Engineering’ or ‘Commerce’ are not enough to understand the various career opportunities available. Often, you will graduate and get a job only to realize that you don’t enjoy the actual job!

With an internship program in a different field or a different role, you can also explore what other jobs you are good at or you like.

For instance, if you are pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science then you can pursue sales internships in India to figure out if you are better suited for customer-facing, high-target, and pressure roles.

This way you will have the opportunity to understand your skills and capabilities without the pressure of a fulltime job where you have to perform!


  1. You can use the knowledge gained in your future career

Among the best internship tips, you can get is to understand that no knowledge gained from an internship program will go to waste.

Even a tiny task like learning how to scan a document often helps you in your future career.

So when you take up an internship that is different from your course you get the opportunity to learn more on the job.

You will, of course, have to put in the extra effort but you will get so much out of it.

Take for example, if you are an English literature student and you get a digital marketing internship. The internship will help you understand the various social media channels and marketing strategies related to it.

Now all this knowledge from your internship program will come in handy for your future roles. You can contribute better and understand how different departments which will make you stand out from your colleagues who will have only one particular domain knowledge.

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  1. You can network with other departments during the internship program

You need to look at your internship program as a big picture.

Once you enter a company you have the opportunity to interact with all the employees.

Most internships in India are flexible and if you have a talk with your mentor they may also give you additional work related to your stream.

It’s up to you how you make the best use of your current internship.

Networking is one of the best internship tips you will ever get! When you are working, you can interact with employees from other departments and keep communication with them even after the internship.

Tell them about your course and ask for advice and when the chance comes, ask them if the company has any relevant opportunities for you.


  1. You will have a backup plan

Today, there is a surplus supply of students in traditional roles like engineering but the demand is in other offbeat and upcoming roles.

This means that employers are ready to employ students who show the right skill set and basic knowledge about a particular job despite them being from a different academic stream.

This is why you will find many engineers doing different jobs like business analysts, social media marketing, and client servicing.

If you already have done an internship program in a different stream then you can simply use that experience to land a job in that field after graduation. That can be your Plan B!

Grab this opportunity and make the best out of your summer internship and winter internship this year.

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