Is Your Internship Resume The Reason For Constant Rejection?

Is Your Internship Resume The Reason For Constant Rejection?


Does your internship resume lacks quality?
Does your internship resume lack quality?

The season of summer internships is upon us. To build an impressive work profile and make the shift easier from college life to a work environment, it is important that you should be involved in some good projects and internships.

However, what if you are doing everything but you are just facing rejection from all quarters? Does that mean your internship resume is not good enough?

When your plans don’t turn out the way you would want them to, then it is only natural to feel a little low. However, if you are determined on succeeding, then you should not start by questioning your worthiness.

There are high chances that your internship resume might be lacking a few essential details and that required quality. But, the good news is, this issue can be easily fixed.

Here is how…

If your internship resume lacks experience

If you are applying for an internship, then you are not expected to have a lot of experience to back you up. However, some experience in the required field can go a long way in getting you the gig.

When you are applying for an internship with companies that pay well or have a big brand name, then you must have relevant experience to speak for you. This experience can come from college projects or freelance work.

In fact, you can also start by applying for unpaid internships. This will give you the necessary experience needed to succeed.

You have not paid attention to language and grammar

Even if you have relevant experience to back you up, it won’t do you much good if your resume is full of silly, grammatical errors.

You need to check and re-check your internship resume to ensure that it is grammatically sound. You can ask your friends or seniors to proofread your resume and give you their opinion on how to improve it and make it work better.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that the language you use should be formal and precise. Repeating the same lines over and again, or keeping it too informal can get your resume rejected even before you can say internships.

Not enough focus on your skills

Your skills are what sell you and are the limelight of your internship resume. Therefore, your skills should be the highlight of the show and immediately grab the attention of the recruiter.

Keep it in mind that while you may have a lot of skills, only those skills which resonate with the internship requirements can get you the offer you crave. So, instead of talking about a lot of different things, take a look at what the company is asking for.

Many a time you might think you have the required skills but a closer introspection might prove otherwise. So, get online and take up courses that can add to your skills and teach you new things.

Not talking in numbers

If you want your resume to not get rejected then it is important to keep in mind that it should speak in numbers and not necessarily in English.

Quantifying things, whether it be your skills, the projects you had undertaken or the previous internships you were a part, makes your resume easier to read and more attractive to the recruiter.

Instead of saying you performed well academically, say you were among the top 3% academically. This gives a more defined idea to the recruiter on who you are and what they can expect from you.

Similarly, if you have your own blog and then quote the number of followers you have or the median of hits you usually good. Quote any particular blog that did exceptionally well.

Using social media lingo

Yes, you are the gen next, you are the millennial and all that but bringing the gen next lingo to your internship resume might not be a great idea.

Words like ‘wanna’ or ‘gonna’ might sound cool but they really are not, especially when you use them in your resume. Similarly, abbreviations are a big no, no.

Remember that you are introducing yourself to someone who knows nothing about you and is completely judging you on the basis of your internship resume. You cannot go all ‘yo’ on that person and expect good results.

Avoid typos as best as you can. And, we cannot stress it enough; keep your language formal and free of any errors.

When you apply for internships through an online portal or otherwise, ask yourself these questions–

  • Are you qualified for the internship you are applying for?
  • Does your internship resume tell that you are actually qualified?
  • Would you hire someone with a resume same as yours?
  • What more can you do to make your resume more attractive and to-the-point?

When you find yourself thinking along these lines, you will get the answer to why your internship resume was getting rejected all this while and how you can make it more attractive.

Additional tip:

Ensure that you put your name, address and email id at the top of the resume. These things count for a lot when a recruiter is filtering through numerous resumes. Also, make sure that your email address sounds more professional and has your name (preferably both your first and last name) in it.