The story of Jason Fyke | He went Bankrupt. Did Jail-time....

The story of Jason Fyke | He went Bankrupt. Did Jail-time. Then, became a millionaire.


Jason Fyke was your everyday guy, who was into real estate uptil 2005, when the economy started to fall and he found himself out of business. He started seeking job elsewhere, consulting his friends and family, without  any money to invest, to no avail.

As his last resort he had the option of working at McDonalds or Pizza hut, but instead he turned to Facebook to pay his bills. He made a Facebook page for his website and started posting entertaining stuff to draw the audience.

In 2011, he took up the domain WTFMagazine, where WTF actually stands for Where’s The Fun, which was meant to be a one stop shop for entertainment, gaming, photos, videos, Tech news and other such information. Shortly after setting up his website, Fyke went to interview an American student group, where he was arrested for filming a drunken brawl that broke out. 50 days later, after leaving prison, Fyke went back to working on his Facebook Page.

Today he owns 42 Facebook Pages, with a total of 42 million likes and earns money by the millions of people that visit his website.

How he turned his life around from being broke and penniless just 3 years ago to earning quarter of a million dollars a month, is something we can learn from. Here are 4 takeaways from the Jason Fyke story:

1) Believe in what you do:
Pages for businesses was started by Facebook in 2007, but it didn’t really take off until 2011.  However, Jason, started using these pages from early on and look where it led him. An idea might not be necessarily bring money to the table in the beginning, but if you stick to it long enough to appeal to the audience, then you will have people to back it up!  This is not only true for entrepreneurship, but in career development too. Just because something doesn’t have pay-offs on the face of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have pay-offs at all.

2)Hard working should be consistent virtue :
It took four years for Jason to build up to the present, hence understand that sometimes, results take longer to show up. You can never achieve the best version of your idea in a day either, so keep at your work. Be patient, but make sure to track your progress. Inspiration like most things, goes and comes back only rarely and so it is on you to keep the long term goal in mind and work towards it.

3)  Branch out:
Today Jason operates not only WTFMagazine but 40 pages, some of which are totally unrelated. While not changing the broad strokes, as we said before, the fine print may be adjusted. If you aren’t getting a freshman job at a prestigious company of your choosing, why not try for an internship there?  Not getting funding for your dream project? Try crowdfunding! Diversification not only increases your options, it allows for you to reach out to more people, just like what Jason did.  He said, “It didn’t really matter if a page was specific to my brand, I could get distribution whether it was through WTF or through a ‘Family Guy’ fan page, for example. As long as I got someone to like a page, they were effectively one more member of the distribution list.”

4) Shit Happens:
In 2011, Jason was jailed for filming two groups of bikers going at each other.  He was there for a couple of months and the legal fees drained him of his resources, but he didn’t let go.  Somehow scraping through, he managed to channel everything he had into this pet project and made it happen.  Stick to your dream, no matter the obstacles.  If you can’t get something done, ask for a little help and bring people in whom you can trust and work with.  Having a great team is always a plus.

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