Job Search | 4 Types of Career Objectives that kill your Resume

Job Search | 4 Types of Career Objectives that kill your Resume

You have always struggled with writing the perfect 'Career Objective', haven't you? Learn how to fix it!


Resume TipsCareer Objective – It’s not a generic shout out to hire you, it’s a very specific and targeted way to say “Hey, the one you are looking for is right here in front of you. So, why waste your time with all the other resumes?” Basically, a career objective should be a quick summary of what have you done so far in your career and where you want to go with the company you are applying to. To help you out we have listed 4 types of career objectives that you must definitely avoid if you want to get shortlisted for a job interview.

When your Career Objective is a why-hire-me and what-I-want essay

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Ideally, a career objective should not be more than 2 sentences. Now, when I say two sentences, that in no way means that you write this:
“To make good use of my expertise and previous knowledge in marketing, to establish a sound position in the corporate world where I get to work enthusiastically in a team on challenging assignments and to full-fill the required goals. Seeking a working environment, where there is job satisfaction and room for improvement so that I can achieve individual growth and acquire new skills.”

Hold that train of thought, please. Clubbing 6 sentences into one separated by commas is not the way to go. You can talk about all your expectations and career growth scenes in your personal interview. Don’t turn your career objective into a work-ethic lecture.

Big words are impressive when the employer can understand them

No one is sitting with an Oxford Dictionary while reading your resume, so if you’re going to cram 5 big professional sounding words in your career objective, you are giving them a very good reason to pass on you. I know you want to sound like the best person for the job, and you can, if you let the rest of your resume speak for itself. If the employer is confused and possibly put-off by your career objective, how will he ever get to your educational qualifications, or achievements, or work experience or anything awesome in your resume for that matter?

No one wants to read: ‘To find a position where I can utilize my professional skills, gain industry knowledge, and work diligently for the amelioration of the organization.’

Please wait as I quickly assess my lack of vocabulary and type into google what ‘amelioration’ means.

You copied it from the internet

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Everyone does this when they are starting out to write their first resume. You did too. So, what? This might just work out fine for you, but as an employer, you can tell the difference between your career objective and the career objective of a random stranger on the internet who wants to go into web development. If you have forgotten – they have read it before on hundreds of other resumes. If you cannot come up with 2 decent sentences concerning your career, how can you be trusted to take decisions and lead teams in the future?

You were beating around the bush

“…looking for work where I can use my skills.” What skills? Technical? Marketing? Content Writing? You will elaborate on your strengths in your resume at some point, so start from here. An employer spends an average of 6 seconds of their time on one resume. Give them what they’d want to see, and what they want to see is what you can bring to the table, which definitely does not mean this:

“Looking for a job as an administrative assistant where I can work full time. ” And, so is everybody else who applied. How does that make you special? This sounds just plain lazy and informal.

Avoid these and you’ll place yourself miles above the rest of the crowd. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check some of the new summer internships that we have for you!

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