Featured Internship Story | ‘We all need something in life we look...

Featured Internship Story | ‘We all need something in life we look back to and think – Yes, that was something worth doing.’-Kanika Arora, Campaign Associate, IIM-A.


We all need something in life we look back to and think ‘Yes, that was something worth doing.’ I am keen on grabbing opportunities which would make my parents proud of their me, and contribute to my career growth, and that is when I came across the virtual internship opportunity from IIM-A, for the ‘Scholars for a Change’ campaign, where they were looking for Campaign Associates.  

The campaign was being undertaken by the Education Innovation Bank at IIM-A, and aimed at providing educational material, including interesting content in Science and Math, to underprivileged children, which can be easily accessed by them at www.teachersastransformers.org, a forum created for innovative teachers. This enabled them to understand things in their own language and learn something valuable while playing and having fun.

Approximately,  600+ interns were working together to provide for rural children help in their educational set up.
My role in the internship included forming a team of my own consisting of students whom I will be assisting in the creation and curation of the assigned educational material, by delegating correct work to them, being available for help 24*7, submitting timely reports of the work they completed, and last but not the least, to ensure the quality of the end result met the standards set by IIM-A.

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This internship had levels of promotion which were allotted only if the work was done well and within deadlines. In about a weeks time I was promoted as the  Team Leader among the top 22 people, which served as the much-needed kick and made me work harder. The internship was set  to end on its designated date i.e. 7th July but due to collection of enough educational material it had to end nine days prior i.e. on 28th June. By this time I was promoted to the highest designation possible, of the Assistant Campaign Manager and was the 2nd person to have done the best work.

The satisfaction of being such a big help to little children was good enough for me, when one day I received a mail calling me for a campus internship opportunity at IIM Ahmedabad to work under Mr. A.K. Gupta (Adviser, Ministry of Commerce ,India ). Being selected among 600+ students for such an opportunity was indeed a proud moment for me and especially my mother.

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The internship made me see the big picture in life, about how little things you do could mean the world to someone. I was glad that my work could ultimately be of help to children who needed it. I learnt the spirit of teamwork while managing my team, and that hard work is equally important but is sometimes likely to fail if not accompanied by smart work. The level of confidence I possess now will only make me step forward in life because when you start walking, you always end up reaching at least somewhere further from where you began.

Of course, this would be incomplete without mentioning my amazing team, without which I could have obviously be able to do nothing. They were cooperative and hard working and it was only because of them, I could achieve high targets in no time. The internship coordinators were helpful enough at every step and answered all my queries.

I believe education is something you just don’t treat as a means to earn living. It is what builds you up internally as well as externally. Education is what teaches you the essence of living and plays a major role in shaping you, when considered the right way.

Kanika Arora is pursuing her B.Com(Hons.) from Shaheed Bhagat Singh college, Delhi.

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