Featured Internship Story | Kapil Gera, Campaign Associate, IIM-A talks about his...

Featured Internship Story | Kapil Gera, Campaign Associate, IIM-A talks about his internship experience.


I was selected for the post of ‘Campaign Associate’ for the ‘Scholars for Change Campaign’ by IIM Ahmedabad . My role was that of mobilizing contributors for creation , identification and translation of audio visual educational resources. In other words, I was responsible for communicating complete information to contributors for making videos and generating content for video creation.
Weekly reports of what tasks have been done by which contributor and their complete records were to be submitted by me as part of my job. As a Campaign Associate, I was working as a link between contributors by keeping track of all their reports and the things they were working on, to  facilitate smooth functioning of the campaign.

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I think it was not only me but the teamwork of the contributors, that helped us complete our work before deadlines and that too with a lot of appreciation . The educational resources submitted by us have helped them take the first step in the creation of a bank of multilingual multimedia open access resources that can potentially aid hundreds of thousands of Indian students.

In the letter of appreciation that my team and I received from IIM Ahmedabad,Prof. Vijaya Sherry Chand stated that “More than 600 students came together in this campaign to create, identify or translate more than 4,200 videos for upper-primary Maths and Science topics. Your efforts have led to the creation of a bank of multi-lingual, open-access educational resources that has the potential to benefit thousands of teachers and students across India.”

So I think hearing that our efforts came out and led to the creation of something so big was an achievement for me.

The very special thing that this internship had was that my role was not confined or restricted to some specialty like event management or marketing but the internship was in itself a complete package of number of skills . We organized events,we worked in a team, we made videos, we translated videos, we learnt, we enjoyed and finally we achieved . So I think that the experience of working with IIM Ahmedabad was a complete learning experience and absolute fun.

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It was really good working with everyone in the team. As it has been mentioned that we were 600 interns and every intern had around 4 to 5 contributors working under them, therefore  it was a very challenging to keep everyone is line and recognize the time and energy they were giving up for this. I would like to make a special mention of Mr. Ankit Vyas who was the Campaign Head and was the boss of 600 of us. I really appreciate the way he handled everything and the way our doubts and queries were taken care of. by him. Promptly responding to more than 600 interns would not have been that easy, but he managed everything very smoothly and helped us complete the internship.

At the end, I would like to thank IIM Ahmedabad for providing me with the opportunity to work with them, from where I have taken away so much.  The applaud and appreciation from the professors of IIM Ahmedabad could not be recorded on any piece of paper but will remain in my heart forever.

Kapil Gera is a second year student at Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, Delhi. He is pursuing his Bachelors and Honors in Commerce. 

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