6 months. 4 internships. How Sanjana Varma managed to do it all.

6 months. 4 internships. How Sanjana Varma managed to do it all.


I’ve always considered Media as a fascinating career option, however I was initially very confused about what field to specialize in. The curiosity and the constant need to explore other available options, along with the exposure I could get, stayed as prime motivating factors for taking up the internships I did.

In the past couple of months I have been involved with KFC, Dell, Pune Football Club(PFC) and Indiafest for my internships. I scored all of them through Letsintern, each and every one of my experiences being different and memorable.

I worked as a marketing intern for KFC where we were supposed to create brand advocacy for the KFC’s newly launched WOW 25 menu, inside and outside our college campuses. This included distributing KFC vouchers amongst the masses and helping in organizing fun events at KFC restaurants in Pune. We were also responsible for creating and promoting interesting content for KFC on their social media. Through the KFC internship, I learnt to be persuasive and at the same time grew more open to the ideas of the public. It also helped me gain hands-on experience of event management.

The next internship I took up was with Dell Computers. Being a reputed firm in the market, working for them had been really exciting as well as inspiring. I was assigned the task of managing their social media and also to regularly post real life stories based on how technology impacted the lives of the people, on their website. This helped me in gain a whole new perspective on brand management and I learnt that even if the brand is well known it never hurts to work periodically to remind people about it.

The Pune Football Club internship was the first internship where I was the Brand ambassador and was responsible for developing and implementing ideas in the field of strategies, advertising and sales for the promotion of “Pune local football team” among the crowds of Pune. Along with that, the aim was also to generate viewership for the game. The experience I gained in my previous internships helped me understand marketing more closely and hence with a better understanding this time around, I carried out my work with even greater efficiency,making my internship a success.

The India fest is the first event-based internship I’ve had the chance to be involved with this year. It is recognized countrywide by all the colleges across the different cities. I am part of the registration team which focuses primarily on dealing with people, getting my point across and helping them with any questions they might have. This certainly has helped me to come out of my shell and work on my public relations and communication abilities

Karan Nathani is one person I would really like to thank. He was the head for all of the projects mentioned above and has been a great mentor. He would always guide and support me whenever in need. He constantly checked  on our performances and made sure that we, as a team gave our best efforts to make the project  a grand success every single time.

Lastly, I am thankful to the Letsintern team, of which I am a big fan of, for giving students like me out there, opportunities to go and do something more than just studying for a degree.

Sanjana Varma is an undergraduate student from Symbiosis institute of Media and Communications.

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