LetsIntern 2017 report: Marketing Internships lead opportunities in India

LetsIntern 2017 report: Marketing Internships lead opportunities in India

The LetsIntern 2017 scorecard is here. Here are the top performing internships, locations and roles and what they mean in trends for the year 2018.


The LetsIntern 2017 report card and the lessons to take forward to 2018.
The LetsIntern 2017 report card and the lessons to take forward to 2018.

Yuletide, mistletoe and a cheery cup of warm chocolate are what we believe we’ve earned – after an exciting 2017 on the student-centered LetsIntern. Strong summer internships, winter internships and changes to improve student experience remained our three pillars for the year.

At LetsIntern, our aim has always been to bring the best internships to candidates. Landing a lucrative internship gives the candidate relevant experience and an edge over others while looking for a job as freshers.

In this blog, we put together the LetsIntern 2017 scorecard – both for us and for the students who used this portal to gain work experience. And consider trends towards 2018 – in terms of popular internships by role, location and category – and what traits and skills do interns need to work on to put their best foot forward.

The LetsIntern 2017 Scorecard:

The year 2017 began on a strong note for the internship platform – with a host of consistent internships right from the beginning of the year. On the surface – Companies like HCL, The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, GQ Magazine, Urban Clap, Hector Beverages (PaperBoat), Uber, Faasos, Swiggy, Adidas, Decathlon, Airtel, Zomato, Tech Mahindra, Pfizer, IBM, Wipro, Reliance Jio and Aditya Birla Retail chose to work with LetsIntern in order to close intern positions.

There were also positions available with FICCI, UN and the NASSCOM foundation who were looking for communication and admin interns for events and programs. And a host of volunteer and NGO internships to go through!

Highest in-demand internships:

Digital marketing syncs in well with the millennial work culture. Have you tried your hand here?

In contrast to last year’s clarion call for IT (see LetsIntern scorecard for 2016), this time the focus was on marketing jobs – be it as a full-strength marketing intern, a sales and marketing intern or a digital marketing intern. This is also augmented by supporting positions for digital marketing – content writing, graphic design and social media interns.

Here are the top 5 in-demand internships for 2017:

  • Marketing jobs – For average stipend of Rs 5920/- *
  • Graphic Designer – For an average stipend of Rs 6630/-
  • Sales Professional – For an average stipend of Rs 5640/-
  • Marketing Assistant – For an average stipend of Rs. 5250/-
  • Business Development Executive – For an average stipend of Rs 7850

* Average stipend includes all levels of stipends offered – from unpaid internships to those compensating expenses to figures as high as Rs 30,000.

City-wise break-up of internships

New Delhi internships this week.
New Delhi internships this week.

In terms of cities, students who sought internship opportunities in Delhi / NCR were in luck. The city ranked highest through 2017 in terms of highest internships offered. New Delhi and Gurgaon were followed by Bangalore, Mumbai,and Pune.

Split of Internships according to Stipends:

Paid internships stabilised their hold on the Letsintern Internship board – with few employers offering unpaid internships. While students could be shortlisted for exciting working opportunities
with offers of Rs 35,000 and above as stipends, the majority of our positions this year offered Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000.

The second-largest chunk of paid internships were in the range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 – forming 30% of total internships on offer.

Highest Applications received:

Students who opted for internships this year were more mature in their outlook when it came to selecting specific offers. They were not swayed by bigger brands or higher stipends – if we go by the top 5 most in-demand positions of the year.

The list is led by positions with New-Delhi based Vestige, though bigger names like HCL and MakeMyTrip also feature on it. The Financial Doctors and Team Core are also on this list. A marketing analyst position with the Indian Economist also drew in a lot of applications.

Highest Stipends Paid:

A much-deserved reward for the hard work that an intern puts in, attractive stipends were on offer for quite a few employers, though these numbers were lower in comparison to last year, showing, perhaps a stability in the career market.

Only one company put the stipend as their most attractive feature. Here are the details for them:

Blackbuck – Operations Intern in New Delhi with a stipend of Rs 40,000.

Re-working LetsIntern for better student experiences

All that's new from the LetsIntern website.
All that’s new from the LetsIntern website.

After cementing the position of LetsIntern within the merit-led Aspiring Minds, the focus for LetsIntern through 2017 was firmly on improving the user experience on both sides of the Internship spectrum – for both the students and the employers.

For students, the most prominent changes to the portal were:

1. Internship Recommendation Engine:

Working on integrating student data from different profiles to internship listings on the platform, we rolled out an internship recommendation engine over the course of 2017. This matched students with internships according to their skills and preferences.

The major benefits of this exercise are two-fold:

i) A time-saving exercise, the Internship Recommendation Engine provides students with handy links to internships, rather than browsing the entire LetsIntern Internship Board.

ii) Recommended Internships ensure a higher chance of being shortlisted for a position – you only apply to a list of those positions which match a candidate like you.

2. Internship Certificates:

Often, students who took up internships through LetsIntern, in their feedback to us, talked about the need for a mechanism to ensure that they received their internship certificates smoothly and on time. This also came up as an action item from the Employer’s End – the need for a uniform, one-step mechanism to deliver internship certificates to their interns.

And we delivered them near to the completion of this year’s set of summer internships. These were the LetsIntern Internship Certificates – where those who had taken up their internships from our platform could request for them directly and gain them – all from the comfort of their own LetsIntern profile pages.

3. Employer Feedback:

Pegged on closing the loop on internships for interns, this nifty addition allows interns a chance to rate their employers honestly and send them feedback. In the future, we hope that these reviews help employers fine-tune their own internship processes and let future interns choose better.

These add to the constant changes which happen on the LetsIntern platform – prime importance to skill-based internships, ease in searching for internships, matched internships for logged in users and a host of blogs on what makes you the better intern.

So, what do we envisage for 2018?

Internships have become a clear stage for most students – be it as a course requirement, or as we now find more common, a way to gain industry insight and valuable work experience. This is leading to more and more students taking them seriously.

That also means that students are preparing for them seriously, with a constant demand for tips on the right crafting for their intern resume and the kind of intern-worthy skills which they should inculcate.

Employers are also asking for these in future interns:

1. Team-working skills
2. Internet, social media and diverse platform knowledge
3. Self-management – Prioritisation, multi-disciplined approach, timeliness

And that can only mean one thing – converting internships into a way to seamlessly recruit like-minded freshers.

We hope that this understanding of the LetsIntern 2017 scorecard has helped broaden your understanding of the jobs market and how to prepare for this crucial stage. We’re willing to address all likely queries in the comments section below.




  1. I am really shocked by the score card, can’t believe that digital marketing internship pays such a high stipend and gives such an attractive salary package. Up until now I believe that digital marketing didn’t pay so well since it was a cost effective way fo marketing however looking at the statistics on your blog proves me wrong.